Patrick Mahomes wins the Super Bowl for Kansas City Chiefs with a historic comeback (20-31)

Everyone was waiting for Patrick Mahomes in the grand final of the NFL and although we had to wait for the last quarter, no matter if the new League star appeared. The quarterback of the Chiefs gave the triumph to his team leading a spectacular comeback in the last fifteen minutes that is already part of the story. The 24-year-old Texan, Tom Brady's best heir, who after winning the MVP last year and staying one step away from the Super Bowl, has just won it by breaking fifty Kansas City drought seasons.

At the beginning of the last quarter San Francisco won (20-10), but then Mahomes appeared with a magnificent long pass that changed everything to culminate in a partial 0-21 that gave the Chiefs victory and, obviously, the Super Bowl MVP to the next NFL star.

The match began with a lot of equality and caution on the board of the two technicians. There was a lot at stake and nobody wanted to lose everything out. The issue was the duel between quarterbacks: Garoppolo against Mahomes, a battle that began dominating that of the Kansas City Chiefs. He himself was responsible for scoring the first touchdown of his team while Garoppolo suffered an interception that seemed a problem and he took the opportunity to grow from that unforeseen.

It almost failed since then and San Francisco seemed to fly towards the ring. At the break a draw (10-10) that gave way to the Shakira and Jennifer Lopez show. Actually, the most spectacular of the night so far.

In the second part, the Vince Lombardi trophy seemed to approach the hands of the 49ers, who supported their defense and their quarterback were adding. Two interceptions forced Mahomes, who felt cornered by rival defenses, headed by Nick Bosa, and did not have much time to think or run away, as he likes.

20-10 at the end at the beginning of the last quarter and the MVP of the last course found no solutions. Time was running out, but Mahomes' talent was going to appear. A magnificent bomb for the "sprinter" Tyreek Hill put the Chiefs near the goal line and ended up adding seven points that brought them hope (20-17).

The pressure was now for Garoppolo and the Kansas City defense appeared to take possession and give it a good blow. It was the moment of the Mahomes show, who led his team 60 yards forward to sign a millimeter touchdown that I need from the video review. Tom Brady's heir had turned the scoreboard (20-24), forcing the 49ers to make a touchdown in the less than three minutes left. The "niners" had no way of changing fate once more. The comeback of the Chiefs was already unstoppable and Mahomes gave another touchdown pass for the final 20-31. The Vince Lombardi trophy was for Kansas City 15, the one that sells the most jerseys in the League. A phenomenon that seems to have no limits.


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