Patrick Mahomes, the heir of Tom Brady who can shine in the Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs have had to wait fifty years to return to a Super Bowl and they do today (00:30, Movistar +) hanging from the arm of his quarterback, Patrick Lavon Mahomes II. A boy who, with 24 years and only in his third season in the NFL, is called to be the best heir of Tom Brady, who for the first time in a long time will have to watch the game from the sofa at home. Mahomes has already surpassed the sale of T-shirts to the myth of the Patriots and wants to start adding rings to try to reach the six that the best of all time looks on his fingers. A title that aspires to the number 15 of the Chiefs, no matter how hard it sounds, when his career has only just begun and considering that not long ago he doubted between opting for American football or following in his father's footsteps in the baseball.

He is a privileged physicist, whose 1.91 meters tall and 101 kilos allowed him to do well in both sports. His family preferred that he move away from the hard blows of the NFL, but that was finally his destiny. A path that led him to the 2017 draft, where the Chiefs sold the soul to the devil to get their rights. He spent his first season on the bench and played a game, like Brady. Everything changed in 2018, when MVP was chosen and only the Patriots pushed him away from the final. That day could have occurred the relay with Brady, who was absent a few minutes from the celebration of the team to approach the rival dressing room and have a few words with the young quarterback. Mahomes was surprised to see Tom there, who told him that he had had a wonderful season and that he continued like this, believing in himself. A year later, the Boston team are eliminated and Mahomes has in his hand to defeat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl number 49, which is played at the impressive Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Florida guarantees a peaceful time for the final. There will be no snow, although Mahomes has recognized that he likes this type of matches. "Everything goes much slower and allows me to take my time before moving on." His game could be defined as imaginative, modern and dynamic, because despite having inherited his father's powerful pitcher arm, he likes to dribble and run to the "end zone", as he did in the last game against the Titans, with a 360 degree rotation included before scoring.

His career is going so fast that stardom has come before the big contract. It is at the bottom of the salaries of the quarterbacks of the League and this course has not received from his team more than 800,000 euros, something that will change. Win or not the title, in your current account will appear soon about 40 million dollars. It has already been the cover of the official NFL video game, something that used to be a curse for the chosen players and that he has broken.

He goes out with Brittany Mathews, a former soccer player who is now engaged in fitness and personal training and met in his time at the University of Texas Tech. He acknowledges that during the season he does not have time to play the console, but in Holidays like the Call of Duty.

He will face Jimmy Garappolo today, who in the San Francisco franchise they see as the heir of the eternal Joe Montana. In the Patriots, he was a substitute for Brady, who pointed out Mahomes as heir. And it is that all roads lead to Tom.


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