Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Patricia Wulf's 15 minutes of glory

The life of the mezzo-soprano Patricia Wulf It has taken a turn of one hundred and eighty degrees. Monday was a retired singer with an irregular career. Since yesterday, Tuesday and 13, it has become the black beast that has led to Placido Domingo to newspaper headlines across the globe with an accusation of sexual harassment.

There have been nine women, eight of them singers and a dancer, who denounce him for having had inappropriate behavior with them. Of these women only she gives her name and surname, although she says she has a witness to the events, which happened thirty years ago.

But, Who is Patricia Wulf? Data on his career are scarce. She lives, or lived until yesterday, away from the world of opera, at her home, a farm north of the state of Virginia with her husband, the sculptor Richar Lew, with whom he has two children, a daughter who is studying Medicine in Chicago and a male.

In the Associated Press report, the alleged victim states that during a party after a performance of Mozart's "The Magic Flute," Domingo approached her and whispered in her ear: "I'd like to meet my rival." And that the husband realized that the star's behavior was not appropriate.

Wulf has stated in the report that she and the singer met at the Washington Opera, theater of which he was artistic director and general director for Sunday years and that they both worked together several times. The role she has liked to play the most is that of Mimí, of "La bohème", by Puccini.

Traces in her life place her singing in both Washington and New York, where she performed at the Kennedy Center. Everything indicates that he retired in 2002 after offering some recitals. And according to a biography echoed by several American media would offer beneficial recitals to help single mothers. Today, according to the same data taken from several North American publications, the former mezzo is dedicated to work as a real estate agent in the city of Virginia.

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