Patricia Highsmiths, Marcel Prouts, Dylan, Bono and Michelle Obama stand out among non-fiction

Patricia Highsmiths, Marcel Prouts, Dylan, Bono and Michelle Obama stand out among non-fiction

The Anagrama publishing house publishes the new essay by Bob Dylan. / C7

The main editorial novelties of the coming months also include a biography of the boxer Muhammad Ali

Patricia Highsmith, Bob Dylan, singer Bono and Michelle Obama
will be the protagonists along with a biography of the boxer Muhammad Ali in the literary novelties of non-fiction next fall, in which several titles will commemorate the centenary of the death of the French novelist Marcel Proust.

Anagrama publishes this week
'Diaries and notebooks (1941-1995)', by Patricia Highsmithwhich traces his life, from his student days to his last years in Switzerland.

Bob Dylan publishes a new book, '
The Philosophy of Modern Song' (Anagram), continuation of 'Chronicles: Volume One', a collection of essays on songs by artists such as Elvis Costello or Nina Simone.

will appear in the fall
'Ali' (Captain Swing), by Jonathan Eigbased on more than 500 interviews and numerous unpublished material of the legendary boxer.

another pop icon,
Bono, the singer of U2publishes 'Surrender' (Reservoir), which goes from his childhood in Dublin to his activism against AIDS or extreme poverty.

Around Proust

You will remember Proust 'Seven Lectures on Marcel Proust' (Subsoil), by Bernard de Fallois; 'Marcel Proust' (Paidós), an unpublished work by Roland Barthes; 'Write. Essays on art and literature' (Foam Pages), by the French author himself; and its
'Selected Cards' (Cliff).

the history of Spain will speak 'The stolen letter' (Anagram), of
Justo Navarro and Jose Maria Perez Zuniga; 'Silver Islands, Silk Empires' (Cliff), by Manel Ollé; 'The Revolution of the Invisibles' (Principal), by
sandra ferrer; 'Spain. The first globalization' (Plaza & Janés), by José Luis López-Linares; 'Secrets of confession' (Roca), by
Mikel Lejarza and Fernando Rueda; 'Un tal González' (Alfaguara), by Sergio del Molino; 'For the change' (Deusto), by Ignacio Varela; 'Hispanos' (Harpa), by Carlos Goñi or 'The long ultra march' (Roca), by Mariano Sánchez.

From World War II will deal with: 'Normandy 1944', by
James Holland; 'Promise me you'll shoot yourself', by Florian Huber (both in Ático); 'Money and power in the Third Reich' (Main), by David de Jong; 'Back to Stalingrad' (Galaxia Gutenberg), by Núñez Seixas;
'Clandestine' (Peripheral/Errata Naturae), by Marie Jalowicz; and 'Brief history of the fascist lie' (Taurus), by Federico Finchelstein.

Without abandoning the story, they will also be edited
'Personality and power' (Critique), by Ian Kershaw; 'The history of Russia' (Taurus), by Orlando Figes; 'What Rome teaches' (Edhasa), by Valerio Manfredi; 'Prehistories of women' (Destiny), by Marga Sánchez Romero;
'HEX (Extraordinary Stories)' (Blackie Books), by Daniel López Valle; 'The dawn of everything', by David Graeber and David Wengrow; and 'The endless desire' (Ariel), by José Antonio Marina -both in Ariel-.

Ukraine is in the background of books such as 'The Gates of Europe' (Peninsula), by Serhii Plokhy; 'In the heart of civilized Europe' (Galaxy), by Jeffrey Veidlinger; 'Why Ukraine' (Altamarea), by
Noam Chomsky; 'Ukraine: the first battle of the Third World War' (Deusto), by Yuri Felshtinsky and Micheal Stanchev; and 'Decision in kyiv. Ukrainian Lessons' (Cliff), from
Karl Schlogel.


Among the biographies, the following stand out: 'Generalissimo' (Galaxia), by Javier Rodrigo; 'Miguel Primo de Rivera', by Alejandro Quiroga; and 'Cambó', by Borja de Riquer -both in Crítica-; 'Napoleon' (Schakleton), by Ruth Scurr;
'The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock' (Alliance), by Edward White; 'Friends, lovers and that so terrible' (Backlight), by actor Matthew Perry;
'Harry Styles' (Rock); and 'The art of being Raffaella Carrà' (Blackie Books), by Paolo Armelli.

The life of the current queen is analyzed in
'Letizia, a real woman' (HarperCollins), by Carmen Duerto; and 'Letizia real' (La Esfera), by Mábel Galaz.

In the
memorial area stand out 'Lo que yo vi' (Aguilar), by Laura Esquivel; 'Stranger Than Kindness' (Sixth Floor), by Nick Cave; '12 notes: On life and creativity' (Roca), by Quincy Jones; 'I had so much to give you' (Plaza), by Nena Daconte; 'Without labels' (Plaza), by Chelo García-Cortés;
'This is not said' (Destiny), by Alejandro Palomas and 'Sergio Escariolo' (The Sphere). Plaza will publish 'With its own light', by
Michelle Obamain which the former First Lady shares practical insights and effective strategies to maintain hope and stability.

Essays by Chomsky, Vargas Llosa and Francisco Rico

In rehearsal stand out 'La retreat' (Capitán Swing), by Noam Chomsky and Vijay Prashad; 'Bad companies' (Galaxia), by Marina Garcés; 'The war we lost' (Anagram), by Juan Miguel Álvarez; 'A natural size' (Seix), by Erri de Luca; or 'Adriatic' (RBA), by Robert Kaplan.

Also new will be 'Homo emoticus' (Salamandra), by Richard Firth-Godbehere; 'The Boys from Hidden Valley Road' (Sixth Floor), by Robert Kolker; 'Alexandria' (Schakleton), by Edmund Richardson; 'Think clearly' (Debate), by Kiko Llaneras; 'Our global struggle for human rights' (Roca), by Wolfgang Kaleck; 'Testosterone' (Harp), by Carole Hooven; 'The strategy of evil' (Alrevés), by Nacho Abad; or 'At the scene of the crime' (Larousse), by Eladio Romero and Alberto de Frutos.

In an artistic field, the following will be published: 'History of art without men' (Attic), by Katy Hessel; 'All Banksy' (Chair), by Carol Diehl; 'Retratarte' (Espasa), by Carlos del Amor; 'The art of the future' (Debate), by Félix de Azúa; 'I'm not in the movies' (Cathedral), by Toni Garcia Ramon; 'Young man, don't piss me off' (B), by Albert Boadella; 'You like art even if you don't know it' (Paidós), by Sara Rubayo; 'Secret history of my best songs' (Espasa), by Miguel Bosé; 'Almighty: Don't mess with my movie' (Today's Topics); and 'The great book of Spanish humour' (Harp), by Jaime Rubio Hancock.

With a more literary aspect will come 'The fire of the imagination' (Alfaguara), by Vargas Llosa; 'The first century of Spanish literature' (Taurus), by Francisco Rico; the 'Complete Works' (Plaza), by Anne Frank, with unpublished material; 'About Ferlosio' (Alliance), by Carlos Femenías; and 'The Ministry of Truth. A 1984 biography of George Orwell' (Captain Swing), by Dorian Lynskey.

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