Patricia Benito: "I owe almost everything to 'Live, fuck, live'" - La Provincia

Patricia Benito: "I owe almost everything to 'Live, fuck, live'" - La Provincia

Patricia Benito had a notorious impact when publishing, first self-published, 'First of poet' in 2015. The author went from being a complete stranger to add tens of thousands of followers in social networks, thanks to the virality that acquired her debuting poetry and, above all, the verse 'Live, fuck, live'.

These three words have gone deep in much of the Spanish youth and have generated even shirts that wear television faces like that of Cristina Pedroche. Benito has returned to share his feelings in a new work of modern poetry this 2018, entitled 'Tu lado del sofa'. Therefore, what better to describe from this same piece of furniture what you wanted to convey in the book.

Your first work was called 'Primero de poeta', can you say that you have gone to second grade with your new poems?
I like to be in first, the truth (laughs). If you're there, it's like you learn everything again and discover things. But if you pass the course you set the bar too high.

Bearing in mind that, in general, it seems that young people read less each time, why do you think he was so successful 'First poet'?
The key is that people empathize a lot with what I write, or that is what they tell me at least. They feel reflected in situations that are daily, of each day, and that many people like them do not know how to express. However, when reading it you will find what I write, so the key is sure to be empathy.
Three years have passed between the two titles, what vital differences will your followers find?
The first was very visceral, because it was after a change of life. At that time I was discovering myself and, above all, I was learning to enjoy myself. But it was very visceral: how it was born, that's what he wrote.

Now, I've discovered what 'carpe diem' is and what we have to live, and what I've done has been to put that into practice and get the good side. So, there is a lot of calmness or maturity, so to speak, but this should be decided by the readers (laughs).

You started working as a dealer in a casino, what led you to make such a big change in your life? You used to write, did you like to do it in your free time?
Do not, I had never written until I wrote 'First of poet'. When I had a change of life, because I separated, I changed city and left work, I had to start from scratch again. I was thirty-odd years old and I discovered that there was a way of expressing myself, which was very difficult for me and with which I felt very well.

That's why I started writing, but it was more No family gift to say "I'm going to do like a little bookbecause I'm not going to plant a tree and I leave that legacy. "It was a bit like healing me too, that's why I started writing, it's all been a coincidence and that's why I changed my life so much, from dealer to poet.

You have recently participated in a book of poems designed for children entitled 'Goodnight Verses', how was the experience? What is the hardest thing to write for the little ones?
The experience has been very funny. It was Irene G. Punto who gave me the opportunity and I said yes, but even if I had not asked for it, I would have done it. Then I sat down and thought that it was not the most appropriate, but it was very fun because I think I'm good at empathizing.

So, what I've done has been to go back to my previous girl. Somehow, get into the role of a child or a girl who wants to have fun. It was just to take a character and tell a story funny story and try to always put a message of friendship, kindness or what we could tell.

Patricia Benito faces the rain of tags: "For me love is life". / Miriam Cos

When you hear poetry, it sounds like something old, like from another era, however you have a lot of fans who have been hooked on a modern poetry, what do you think this revitalization of the genre is due to?
It is different. The poetry that we studied in the institute was obligatory and many people managed to get hooked and another not. People empathize a lot and there are people who do not know how to express what they feel and that in this way he does find it. Or that he does not know what is happening to him and that he does realize that and he feels that this person does not pass alone.

That is, if you see that Patricia is experiencing the same thing, you feel that you are more normal. Social networks have also played an important role, because you have the immediacy of speaking with readers and readers and to get anywhere in the world in a moment. I can have one of those chocolate and sofa Sundays, write something and someone is in the same situation. I think there are many factors that have helped the genre re-emerge.

You owe a lot to social networks, do you think that it is essential nowadays to be someone on the Internet in order to get a contract with a publisher?
No. For example, when I made the book 'Poet's First', which was initially self-published, I did not have social networks. I had the typical social network with my friends and nothing else. Yes you get a bigger showcase and the bigger you get more people. That does not mean that if what you do is not good, it does not matter what showcase you have that people will not like. Help, but it is not essential.
For someone who wants to get into the new poetry, what authors of your generation would you recommend?
There are many and many. I really like how they write María Vera, Nerea Delgado, Íciar Domínguez, Escandar Algeet € there are many the truth.
When writing poetry seems to repeat feelings like love, loneliness or sadness, is it inevitable that these are the starting points of a poem?
It's easier to write when you're sad, At least in my case. Then there are people who write when they are very happy, but almost always we care about love or the passage of time. You always write about that, because to write about another story, you already get into a novel or other things. When it is something very sentimental or very interior, it is always those little things that hurt the most.
The "Live, fuck, live" has become, in some way, your particular 'hit', why do you think this message has penetrated so deep?
I owe almost everything to him, because it is what made "First of a poet" viral at first. I think it's something we all know, that is carpe diem, that we have to take advantage of life. Maybe it's because it came at a time when people needed to hear it, or it's said so simply that in the end people say: "It's true, not only do I have to live, but it's in my hand: what is it easy, that what I do not like I have to change and what I want I have to take care of ". It is the typical phrase that we all know, but we do not always put into practice, unless you remind us. I think that was the key to it working.


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