Patriarchal pederasty, homophobic patriarchy | Society

Patriarchal pederasty, homophobic patriarchy | Society

Despite the numerous cases of priests and religious pedophiles who appear daily in the media and the repeated complaints of the victims for the inaction of Spanish bishops in the face of widespread and widespread crime, they continue to underestimate the seriousness of the problem. The last to detract from importance has been the new bishop of Avila, former secretary general of the Spanish Episcopal Conference and member of Opus Dei, José María Gil Tamayo, on the occasion of the Vatican's concealment for 63 years of sexual assaults of Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ.

Episcopal silence or undervaluation in the face of the sexual aggressions of priests against defenseless children, adolescents and youth for 40 years contrasts with their loquacity against the LGTBI collective, the "gender ideology", abortion, divorce, premarital relationships, the contraceptive methods, the morning-after pill, the marriage of the priests, the priesthood of the women, the de facto couples, the homosexuality, the egalitarian marriage, the reproductive and sexual rights of the women, the fecundation in vitro, access to the Eucharist of divorced people remarried, access of homosexual people to the priesthood, et cetera.

These statements, which continue to occur today, sometimes with great awkwardness, reinforce the heteronormative patriarchy and the affective-sexual binariety, foment homophobia and give a boost to the organizations and parties that defend sexist, homophobic and anti-equality proposals in their programs. and gender justice.

This contrasts with the insensitivity of the Catholic hierarchy towards gender violence and aggressions against LGTBI people. It is she who discriminates against them by prohibiting her participation in representative ecclesial bodies or sponsorship functions, for example, at weddings and baptisms. It is not easy, however, to read episcopal declarations and documents condemning femicides and homophobic acts.

Excommunication is decreed against women who abort and against women ordained priests, but not against priests and religious pedophiles, who, after canonical denunciations and even self-confession of guilt, continued to participate in religious activities and in contact with minors. Either they were changed from a parish or sent to "missions", without alerting the bishops who welcomed them from sexual aggression. And there they returned to commit a crime with impunity, taking refuge in their condition of sacred persons as representatives of God.

To silence and inaction must be added the helplessness of the victims and their families, whose testimonies were often ignored or described as false. The panorama can not be more devastating in the Spanish episcopate. I am not surprised that the number of people who leave the Catholic Church is increasing, either by apostatizing or by leaving the forum.

Juan José Tamayo He is Professor Emeritus of the Carlos III University of Madrid.


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