October 21, 2020

Patients with COVID-19 in the Canary Islands continue well and 215 people leave the hotel in Tenerife – La Provincia

The seven people with coronavirus COVID-19 from the Canary Islands they are in good health, the Ministry of Health which, in a statement, adds that until 12.00 on Wednesday, 215 people have left the hotel in the south of Tenerife where they were staying.

The seven patients, who are hospitalized and isolated as marked by the protocol, are periodically tested and once they have a double negative they will be discharged from hospital and can live a normal life.

Of those seven cases, five correspond to the group of citizens who traveled together to spend their vacations and whose first positive occurred on Monday, February 24, while the sixth case is that of the Canarian resident who tested positive after a trip to Italy and that she is hospitalized in La Gomera.

The seventh case corresponds to that of a British citizen who tested positive last Tuesday and is a hotel guest. At no time was this person isolated because he was asymptomatic.

The other five cases, all of them belonging to the same group of Italian citizens, are hospitalized and isolated, and all have a good state of health.

The Ministry of Health notes that until this Wednesday more than 450 coronavirus detection PCR tests have been done, of which 420 have been made in the University Hospital Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria and 30 in other centers accredited for it in the islands.

In addition, the Minister of Health of Canary Government, Teresa Cruz Oval, met on Wednesday with representatives of the official associations of doctors, nurses and pharmacists of the two provinces.

Teresa Cruz The recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health on the congresses, seminars, seminars or training courses during the next weeks have been sent to you on Tuesday.

“It has been a success”

For his part, the President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, has qualified as a “success” the getion carried out by the Executive with the case of coronavirus detected last Monday, February 24, at the Costa Adeje hotel in Tenerife.

“It was what we had to do,” said the regional president during an interview with Cadena Ser Las Palmas when he referred to quarantine the hotel where more than 800 people were staying. “That same night we had to give the order” so that the case detected would not become “50 or 60 infected,” he explained.

“The management was a success,” he stressed. However, he has also stated that today the protocol that would be carried out in a similar situation would be different.


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