November 30, 2020

“Patience. Whoever follows her gets it”

The person responsible for tracking COVID-19 cases at the Parquesol Health Center in Valladolid, Laura Ruiz, has recommended to citizens “patience”, if they try to contact their health center and get no response. “I understand that it is very difficult to contact health centers right now, but in the end whoever follows it gets it and what we have to be clear about is that if we have the slightest suspicion that we have had a contact or that we have symptoms We have to stay home and avoid spreading the virus. ” The tracker appeared today at a press conference with the Minister of Health, Verónica Casado, after published the impossibility of communicating a high risk alert from the Radar Covid app and the refusal of this same tracker to practice a pcr “because if you wear a mask it is not necessary.”

The message that Ruiz has given this Tuesday is clearly contrary to the one transmitted by telephone. In public, he recommends “not to spread the virus” if there is suspicion of suffering from it, but in private he obviates the test that discards it if there has been use of a mask. So far, the use of the mask, mandatory both on the street and in closed public spaces, has only been presented as a safety measure, never as a completely safe method to avoid contagion. Nor have citizens been warned that its use will exclude a pcr test.

He has also insisted on hand washing or safety distance and has placed special emphasis “on family and friends gatherings because they are the main sources of contagion” as they take place in closed spaces that are not ventilated during these meetings. Ruiz has insisted that a quarantine be kept if there are symptoms or the result of a pcr is awaited. A nurse by profession, she has referred to “the misnamed tracking”, although she has not explained why the name is not correct and she has not explained what a tracking task consists of. In private, it does recommend that patients read the “protocol” to find out if they are candidates for a pcr, regardless of the alerts they receive due to contact with positives or the previous pathologies they suffer.


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