August 5, 2021

Paternity and maternity leave will equal 16 weeks in 2021 – La Provincia

Paternity and maternity leave will equal 16 weeks in 2021 - La Provincia

The government ofPedro Sánchez and Unidos Podemoshave agreed to the gradual equalization of paternity leave to maternity leave, according to the agreement reached forState's general budgets(PGE) for next year. In 2019, this permit will be extended to eight weeks, which will entail a cost of 300 million euros.

This is how it is collected in theagreement they have signedThis morning at the Moncloa Palace, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the leader of Unidos Podemos, Pablo Iglesias. The equalization of this permit – whichcurrently it is five weeks-– will be carried out progressively: in 2019, it will be eight weeks; in 2020, it will rise to 12; and as early as 2021, it will reach 16 weeks, equaling maternity leave.

The vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, explained that it will not be immediate becauseit is a significant economic effort: "We have to do it gradually, nobody can do this with the pull," he said in an interview on Thursday at Rac1 collected by Europa Press.

"Non-transferable" permission

As stated in the document, the equalization of the permit "should be established in terms ofequality, non-transferability and 100% remuneration"" The equalization of these permits entails economic costs, given that, because of their duration, substitutions will be necessary, "the agreement states.

"The measure, which will be incorporated into the corresponding collective agreements, will be carried out in dialogue with autonomous communities and social entities as a complement to the recent union agreement for thePublic employment improvement of March 2018", points out the document, which adds that it will also be raised at the social dialogue table so that the private sector" establishes a strategy of progress in the same line with a consensual timetable. "

The text argues this decision emphasizing that it is a "recognition of an individual labor law for each progenitor person under equal conditions". The equalization of this permit, according to the document, is"a constant vindication of today's society"within the framework of the conciliation of personal, family and work life and favors "a balanced distribution of family and personal responsibilities between women and men".

Calvo has declared that the General State Budgets for 2019 agreed will allow"restore the havoc that has been caused to the Welfare State". The PSOE, as noted, "needed some budgets from the hand of the third group of the chamber to have a year of work on the horizon" that will restore social rights.


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