November 30, 2020

Pastor assures that Pablo Casado "will be a great president so that Spain will be the country of opportunities"

Pastor assures that Pablo Casado "will be a great president so that Spain will be the country of opportunities"

Thus, at an event in Pontevedra where she has been accompanied by the provincial president of the Popular Party and vice president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Rueda, Pastor has indicated that the PP has a "service sheet".

"Balance of effective management, serious proposals for Galicia and the whole of Spain and the best team of candidates to defend the interests of the province in Madrid This is the letter of presentation of the PP to go out to win in the elections of next 28 of April and after them those of May 26, "have defended both popular in Pontevedra, according to the PP in a statement.

For his part, Alfonso Rueda has added that the PP is a "strong and united" party and that it is "prepared to govern", since "it knows what is being done and is always there, above passing fads and opportunism".

In addition, he stressed that the candidates who make up the lists to the Congress and the Senate are "the best to defend the interests of the province in Madrid", since they combine, in his opinion, experience and renewal "giving priority to territorial representation" . "We have won", said Rueda, who has reiterated that "having Ana Pastor as number one in Congress is a luxury".


On the other hand, the popular candidates to the Congress and to the Senate by the province of Lugo Jaime De Olano, Jose Manuel Barreiro and Rosa Arza, accompanied by the Regional Minister for Culture, Román Rodríguez, have highlighted this Sunday the importance of the Way of Saint James as "Tractor economic element of the province".

This has been transferred to hoteliers in the municipalities through which the French route takes place, within the framework of a meeting organized by the PP, in order to collect the proposals of this group and thus improve the activity they develop if they get the confidence of the Spaniards in the next general elections.

The popular highlighted the importance of both the private and public initiatives working together to increase quality and consolidate this initiative as a dynamic element of the local economy throughout the year.

In this line, De Olano has described the Camino as "the great event of Galicia, Spain and almost Europe", so it has highlighted the importance of the 28A Pablo Casado is president of the Government, "because only thus will be consolidated the effort of the self-employed and of all the groups that live on this resource ".


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