'Paseo con sonidos', by David Delgado, wins the Ibrtigo 2018 script contest - La Provincia

The Ibértigo script contest, organized by the Vertigo Film Association, distinguishes in its sixteenth edition a the filmmakers David Delgado San Ginés, Best Screenplay Award, for Walk with sounds, endowed with 300 euros; and Rafael Navarro Miñón, Award for Best Canary Screenplay, for The gardener, endowed with 300 euros.

This year has more than doubled the participation compared to last year's edition, according to Vertigo in a statement, having received a total of 107 scripts coming from Spain and of different nationalities of the Iberoamerican scope, highlighting the presence of Argentine authors, but also from Cuba, Chile, Peru or the Dominican Republic. Within the framework of the contest, conceived with the aim of promoting the literary creation of film scripts and, at the same time, enhance the participation and creativity of Canarian authors with a specific prize, the two winning scripts stand out for their subtle poetic vision, as much of the cinematographic fact, playing with the cinema within the cinema, like of the assisted suicide, contributing a particular sensitivity, moved away of the topics.

David Delgado San Ginés, a native of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has worked for decades in the audiovisual sector, performing work as a photographer, cinematographer-camera operator and director. He has also demonstrated his enormous versatility in numerous fields, from the realization of advertising and industrial projects, to the direction of shorts and feature films, documentaries and video creation, as well as in audiovisual production and writing. David Delgado has obtained numerous selections, awards and mentions in his different facets, from script writing, to his work with photography and in the direction of short films and documentaries.

In his filmography he has a score of titles, among which his short films stand out Border Dream (Best Canarian Short of the Lanzarote Film Festival 2010) and Cinema, District 1 (Special Award from the Visionary Jury 2011). As well as his recent feature films Stipo Pranyko with white squares, for which he received a Special Mention from the jury of the Canary Forum of the International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2012, a space where he also exhibited his most recent feature film, The shape of the world (2017).

For his part, Rafael Navarro Miñón, architect by profession (Serem Award), has made his professional work compatible with photography, painting and sculpture, showing his works in Lisbon, Havana, Managua, Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, among others. cities His dedication to literary creation brings him closer to film in 2008, when he writes, produces and acts in the short Belanglos, directed by David Pantaleón. A few years later, in 2010, he began to make his own cinematographic works, in charge of both the script and the direction, and sometimes, also, participating as an actor. All this with great success, as several of his short films and a long have been shown at international festivals such as Malaga, Alcalá de Henares, Huesca, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Athens and Busan, among others, getting recognition from critics and various awards , both local and international. A) Yes, Singer won the Best Short Fiction Award at the Lisbon Festival.

Rafael Navarro is not unknown in this contest because two of his scripts, Hunters Y The project, they already deserved in previous editions the prize of Best Canary script.


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