Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Pascal asks in the presentation of Campuzano's book not to look for 'shortcuts' towards independence

Pascal pide en la presentación del libro de Campuzano no buscar ‘atajos’ hacia la independencia

If a Marta Pascal They would have commissioned the campaign, I would not have done better. It did not fit yesterday in the Casa del Llibre, in Barcelona, where the former coordinator of the PDECat presented the book of Carles Campuzano Reimaginem independence (Waterfall), a brief essay on the independence movement. Two hundred people squeezed together, perhaps hoping that the ex-leader of the PDECat gave some clue about the new formation that the post-convergents are carrying. Or that he released a new avenging dart against the expresident Carles Puigdemont, who forced his resignation at the head of the party for supporting the motion of censure against Rajoy.

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But yesterday was the day of Campuzano, that after 23 years as a convergent deputy in the Congress was set aside in March of the lists of 28-A, in the sweep by Puigdemont of the moderate sector of PDECat. Campuzano, who was one of the independentistas of the parliamentary group of CiU in Madrid, in the years when he was leading Josep Antoni Duran LleidaIn his book, he questions the unilateral way that led the Parlament to the declaration of independence and advocates dialogue to reach an agreed exit.

Campuzano assured that "independence is no longer what it was"

"Campu, because that's what I call him, he's one of my teachers," said Pascal, just beginning his speech. "He is a good politician, with his own ideas, which you only have if you respect others," he said of him. "And he defends that to make the path of independence we have to count on the whole world," added the senator.

Pascal also defended that "unity should not be confused with uniformity" and assured that there are no shortcuts for independence. "It's a long road, something we already knew, and now it's time to accumulate strength and not be tempted to take a shorter shortcut," he said.

Campuzano could not agree more. He assured that "independence is no longer what it was". He argues that in the 21st century neither independence, nor sovereignty, nor states are what they were and power is more distributed. "It's excellent news," he said.

The veteran deputy also defended that, on the road to independence, we must take into account "essential" limits, such as democratic majorities, follow the rules and procedures and preserve the civil unity of the people of Catalonia. And he assured that the "challenge that the independence movement must overcome" is "finding a way out and not getting caught up in the current encystment" for a long period of time.

Among the attendees were former Parliamentary lawyer Antoni Bayona and Oriol Molins, president of Units. The president of PDECat, David Bonvehí, went to greet Campuzano, although he did not stay. She was also greeted with Pascal, with absolute normality, although on Saturday, in an interview in La Vanguardia, she reproached him for the "subordination" of the party to Puigdemont.

The ex-salesman of CiU Lluís Recoder also took part in the presentation. He stressed that the current policy requires "people of office" that is capable of "reaching great consensus" and expressed his desire and "hope" that Carles Campuzano "continue to have a relevant role in the future of Catalonia."

Pascal seemed to catch the idea on the fly. He made his own a phrase from a song by Txarango - "I wish life were not battle and I took you out to dance when I danced" - and said: "I would like life to continue to dance to dear Campuzano".

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