Pasapalabra: The viral theory about who is the surprise guest of ‘El Hormiguero’: Pablo Díaz (‘Pasapalabra’)?

On June 24, like every Thursday, Pablo Motos unveiled the names of the next celebrities who will be interviewed in ‘The Hormiguero’, but this time there was something special. The presenter advanced that on July 1 there would be a surprise guest and that he could not reveal his identity. Instantly the networks were filled with bets on names and the theory that has the most weight is that it is Pablo Diaz, well-known contestant of ‘Pass word’.

The suspicions started after the Antena 3 presenter reported that, unlike the rest of the celebrities who will visit the space from Monday to Wednesday, it could not be said who would attend next Thursday. “It is the first time in 15 years that I have to do this for a surprise that I cannot say“, he explained, assuring that he was prevented from giving clues about the person even to the director of the space.

Recently, a preview of ‘Pass word‘in which Pablo Díaz is seen being practically speechless by subtracting only one letter to complete the Rosco. This moment is assured that it will come very soon, but it remains in doubt if it can manage to take the pot or fail at the gates of triumph.

These two events have set off alarms and many viewers of the contest presented by Roberto Leal They have bet because it is Pablo who goes to the Trancas and Barrancas program after a hypothetical victory. This theory would be more or less coherent because it would fit that he was interviewed by Pablo Motos to talk about his success. It would also be understandable that they do not want to reveal their attendance so as not to confirm that they will win the grand prize of ‘Pasapalabra’. We will have to wait, still, to know if he manages to take the boat and if he is the surprise guest of ‘El Hormiguero’.


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