December 4, 2020

Pasapalabra: The surprising record that the canary Pablo Díaz has broken in Pasapalabra

Canarian contestant Pablo

Canarian contestant Pablo

Pass word has more than 20 years of history, and although in Antenna 3 the format takes only a few months, yesterday’s broadcast has managed to break a record available to few; as fans of the contest will know, During all the tests seconds are accumulated that serve to face the final Rosco, and there the pre-established time is added to arrive at a sufficiently comfortable figure to answer all the questions.

The young canary Pablo Diaz finished with 94 seconds, and as he told him Roberto Leal, this was quite a feat: “I wanted to tell you something, because you will know this better than I will for sure. You arrive with 94 seconds, now we will add it to you in the Rosco. It’s the first time in this new stage, are you sure? “. But the contestant corrected him: “yes, historical record of this new stage and the previous one, I think“.

Roberto Leal He was surprised, since he did not handle that data, but Paul insisted: “I think so, that is the time that more seconds have been taken“. The presenter joked that he was faster than normal to arrive on time to the news, something that he appreciated, since with the time he had, the goal of answering (and several times) to all the questions was easily achievable .


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