Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

‘Pasapalabra’ comes up with new accusations of tongo

The controversies accumulate to
Pass word
in the last weeks. After the elimination of Jero, with a promotion never seen by the chain, the Telecinco program had to go out to answer some accusations of tongo by viewers It happened last Tuesday, when the contest gave a correct answer of Orestes at donut.

Social networks, especially Twitter, are the perfect place for fans of the Christian Gálvez program to express their linguistic doubts. There, many accused of mediating the space of Mediaset, but from the official profiles of the program they quickly clarified the doubts with the help of the dictionary.

The presenter asked for "a garment that fits at the waist." Orestes' response was "league", a word that the program considered good but that many fans didn't think was right. “The league does not fit at the waist but at the thigh, then Orestes' answer is incorrect. The garter belt fits at the waist, ”some said.

Before the accusations, the profile of Twitter The contest went quickly to the step to clarify it and answer the questions. And if that was not enough, the program showed the definitions of up to two dictionaries to avoid any kind of suspicion. We have considered correct league, as a league in view of both definitions. DUE of María Moliner and DLE of the RAE ”, they explained.

In spite of everything, the answer was still not seemed correct to many, so they continued protesting and asking for a rectification by the organization of Pass word. It is not the first time that space has faced this type of controversy, since until a few weeks ago a theory circulated that it was always facilitated that Orestes and Jero were the ones who faced each other in the fine threadl.

Finally, Orestes and Rafa they faced each other in what was their fourth rosco as rivals and returned to star in a very close duel, controversial on the sidelines. Finally, the oldest in the program was able to impose with 23 hits and 0 failures, compared to 22 hits and 2 failures of his partner.

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