April 19, 2021

Party suspended in Terrassa for sexist insults

Party suspended in Terrassa for sexist insults

The match of the second female youth division played between Terrassa and Viladecavalls had to be suspended in the 72nd minute following the insults uttered by the players of the Terrassa veterans' team that rebuked the players with comments like "Gone to the kitchen", "gone to wash", "you are shits", "you are some slut", as shown by the match's arbitration report.

The match referee, Alexia Mayer, reports that the match had to be suspended in the 32nd minute of the second half when after the 1-4 scored by Viladecavalls the players of both teams were offended by the comments made by the local team. I had to play next (Veterans Terrassa).

"Come out of the field, we have to play ourselves, this game would have to be suspended, it would not have to be playing", details the arbitration act that some of the players of the Terrassa veterans pointed out and later the escalation of insults was on the increase , which obliged the arbitrator to request the intervention of the field delegate.

The conflict resulted in a fight between players of the Terrassa veterans and several players and coaches of the women's youth party, which motivated the suspension of the match in the 75th minute. Later the players of the two teams sat in the center of the field in protest to what happened, according to EFE.

Through a statement issued this Monday, the Terrassa condemns "any act of verbal and physical violence" and announces that it will take "the measures it deems appropriate" in the next few hours.

"Our club, which has worked and will continue to work in an active and energetic way for equality, wants to highlight that our values ​​are very far from the image that was given." From our entity we are committed to advance in the construction of a society and a sport that walks with values ​​far from any type of violence, from the respect and work in team, the fight, the effort and the overcoming ", assures the club.

Terrassa has convened "immediately" representatives and responsible for all teams and areas involved. It also undertakes to open an internal investigation "to clarify all the acts and act and take all necessary measures."


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