Participations of the Christmas Lottery, are they legal? - The province

Participations are another way to play Christmas lottery. Sports clubs, schools, NGOs, bars, small businesses ... buy tenths in administrations and divide the 20 euros that each one costs to make shares and sell them. Although we risk less money, remember that if you touch something The amount will be less.

Regarding these participations some have doubts about whether they are legal. According to Article 2 of the Christmas Lottery, the resale of tenths With extra cost. "Considered the national lottery as a service operated by the Administration, and its tickets as stagnant effects, the resale of the same with price is declared prohibited, punishing this resale in accordance with current legislation on smuggling and fraud, "says the regulations.

For its part, Article 8 confirms the aforementioned rule: "The sale of tickets It can only be done in the legally established Lottery Administrations, whose owners, if they deem it necessary, may avail themselves of authorized sellers that depend exclusively on them, in the manner determined by articles 186 to 192 of this Instruction. "

This means that to make the fractionation of a tenth valid, it is necessary that the State Lotteries and Betting authorize it to be able to reflect it in the stubs issued. The counterpart is that the benefit obtained may not exceed 20%. Otherwise the law will be broken. For which those groups that sell participations with surcharge must deposit the banknotes in a bank and obtain a receipt of the operation.

State Lotteries and Betting warns that the issuing entity must provide a detailed list of the number of books made, total participations corresponding to each and their value, accompanied by a photocopy of the receipt of the ticket deposit.

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