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Partial lunar eclipse on the 50th anniversary of arrival on the Moon | Science

This Tuesday, July 16, there will be a partial lunar eclipse that will be visible from different parts of the planet. In Spain, it will be possible to see from 22.00 and reach its peak at 23.31 (Peninsular time) and conclude at one o'clock in the morning, at which time the Moon it will have its usual brightness again.

What is a lunar eclipse?

A partial lunar eclipse It is known as the astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are perfectly aligned so that our satellite interposes the Sun and generates a shadow that progressively covers the Moon.

There are three types of lunar eclipses: penumbral, partial and total eclipses. The main difference between the three resides in the level of occultation of the Moon, while in the penumbrals it is very slight, in the partial ones more surface is hidden due to the shadow that the Earth generalizes. In total lunar eclipses, on the contrary, the umbra completely hides the Moon.

The last time a lunar eclipse occurred in Spain was on January 21, although on that occasion it was a supermoon of blood with total lunar eclipse and it was the first total eclipse of the year.

Unlike what happens with solar eclipses, in order to observe a lunar eclipse, it is not necessary to take special measures to protect the eyesight. Therefore, the phenomenon can be seen easily by means of binoculars or a telescope.

When to see the partial lunar eclipse in Latin America?

In South America, partial lunar eclipse It can be seen in several countries and at different times, depending on the area and near the final stage of the phenomenon.

In Argentina, the eclipse can be seen from 18.45, and in Colombia It will be visible from 18.29. In Chile, the eclipse will start at 14.43 and will peak at 17.30, when it passes over the Andes mountain range. Then it will be the moment in which 62% of the surface of the clogged Moon can be appreciated. The eclipse in Chile will end at 20.17.

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