Partial eviction at the Time Warner shopping center due to a false alarm

The New York Police practiced late this afternoon a partial eviction of the Time Warner shopping center in New York, building attached to the headquarters of CNN, for two suspicious packages that turned out to be a false alarm.

This situation occurs in a context of nervousness in the city of New York, in which the authorities have tightened security measures after the anonymous sending in the United States of ten bomb packages to Democratic personalities, some of them residents in the Big Apple or in the New York State, and to CNN.

Precisely, the headquarters in New York of the US television network is attached to the Time Warner shopping center and was already evicted on Wednesday when receiving a suspicious device.

Police reported on social media that, as a precautionary measure, proceeded to evaluate "a couple of abandoned packages" at the Time Warner shopping center in Columbus Circle.

Once the registration was made, the Police certified that it was not "anything dangerous".


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