Part of one of the arches of As Catedrais beach in Ribadeo collapses

As Catedrais beach has lost this Monday part of one of the emblematic arches that adorn the landing of its stones on the sea and that mark it as a singular landscape and one of the tourist symbols of the Lugo coast. One of those arches has collapsed on the water as a result of marine erosion. The mayor of Ribadeo, Fernando Suárez, assures that "the event is a phenomenon inherent to this coast" and its cause is the action of nature.

As Catedrais Beach: Dying of success?

As Catedrais Beach: Dying of success?

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In the past, the landslides in this sandy area brought tragedy. It happened in Easter 2018 when another similar episode took the life of a young woman who was walking through the area. Since then, walking around the upper area of ​​the arches has been prohibited.

Suárez warns that "predicting these phenomena is nothing short of impossible and is beyond our reach." The Ribadeo councilor believes that "the different administrations only have to take preventive measures with respect to residents and visitors." At the entrance to this beach there are frequent signs announcing the risk of walking too close to the cliffs. Visits to the area are controlled and the number of tourists that can visit them is limited.


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