Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Part of Caracas and neighboring areas suffer a new electric cut

Part of Caracas and neighboring areas suffer a new electric cut

Part of Caracas and some areas of the state of Miranda, adjacent to the capital, suffered a new power outage on Tuesday, less than two weeks after the massive blackout that left in the dark almost the entire country.

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In Caracas, the service failure affected mainly the eastern sector of the city, although there were also reports of cuts in western areas.

The National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec), attached to the Ministry of Electricity, reported on its Twitter account that it was carrying out "recovery maneuvers" of the service on the Santa Rosa A4 circuit "to restore the service in its entirety," without adding further details.

The failure caused the suspension of two stretches of the eastern region of the Caracas Metro, which mobilizes millions of people in the midst of the collapse of transport that suffers the capital and extends to the entire nation.

The interruption of the electricity supply also affected part of the state of Miranda such as Guarenas and Guatire, satellite cities of Caracas; and the depressed resort of Higuerote, located almost 120 kilometers from the Venezuelan capital, according to various sources.

The past day 7 Venezuela suffered a massive electric cut that affected almost the entire country, and could not be controlled until 5 days later.

The ruler Nicolás Maduro then said that a "cybernetic attack" orchestrated by the United States to the control room of the Guri hydroelectric power station, the most important in the country, caused the failure that later spread to the entire network.

But the opposition, which has distanced itself from this alleged sabotage, points out that the ineptitude and mismanagement of millionaire resources destined for the electricity sector were the real causes of the blackout.

Last week the Central University of Venezuela, the country's main one, presented an analysis on the blackout that rejects Maduro's sabotage thesis, and transfers the responsibility of the electric cut to a fire that overloaded the transmission lines and deactivated the rooms of generating machines of the Guri.


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