Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Paros on land, sea and air during Holy Week

Paros on land, sea and air during Holy Week

By land, sea and air. The wave of strikes that unions have called for the next few days, coinciding with Easter, will affect air, sea and land passenger transport. And it will do it in one of the periods in which more movements occur.

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The calls have been happening in recent days. The most recent, on Wednesday. The strike committee of the security workers of Barajas, composed of representatives of the Autonomous Union of Madrid (ATES-SAM), confirmed that they will stop after not reaching an agreement with Ilunion Seguridad in the mediation between both parties. The strike, which will be indefinite, has begun at 00:00 today. The workers demand measures of family conciliation; a specific agreement for the airport area that includes a series of bonuses; contractual improvements, among which is the recovery of the seniority of the months lost from the accumulation of contracts; and improvements oriented to rest within the working day or the training of workers.

Also in the aviation sector, the Ministry of Development set yesterday the minimum services for the pilot strike called by Sepla in Air Nostrum for days 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24. The department has established a 100% for insular flights and between 29% and 31% for peninsular routes with an alternative less than 5 hours, or up to 47% in cases where the options exceed this time. The pilots demand from the company a commitment to regulate outsourcing and guarantee their production.

On land

Development will have more work with the minimum services of "handling". Yesterday, USO and UGT were not able to reach an agreement with the Association of Airport Landfill Services Companies (Aseata) to fix them in the face of the strikes they have called for on April 21 and 24, so it will be the government that establishes them. The collective, which includes 60,000 workers, requires guarantees for the maintenance of the rights of this group of workers whose negotiation has been underway for two and a half years. They also ask for guarantees for workers affected by the subrogation agreement reached last summer in mediation.

Railroad and maritime

Renfe machinists are also called to strike next day 23 by the machinists union Semaf. With the 24-hour strike, they want to denounce the "breach" by the company of the professional development agreements in the driving staff, a factor that, he assures, adds to the "current situation" of the collective in the division of Goods.

The "trilogy" of calls for strikes by land, sea and air for the face of Easter has been completed by CC OO, which this week has called a strike for the next day 17 in Ports and Maritime Rescue (Sasemar), as well as in Adif and Adif High Speed. The union alleges that both the affected companies and the Ministry of Development, on which they all depend, have paralyzed the pre-agreements of the collective agreement signed in March 2018 (Maritime Rescue), October 2018 (State Ports) and December 2018 (Adif and Adif High Speed). This situation, says Commissions, constitutes a "transgression of the good faith of the negotiation" and generates great uncertainty among the workers of the affected companies.


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