Parliamentary spokesmen say goodbye to Iglesias amid criticism of the maneuver and praise for his commitment

Pablo Iglesias’ time in Congress is coming to an end. At least in the stage that began in January 2016. A month after the start of the electoral campaign in the Community of Madrid, and the still vice president of the Government leaving his state positions, parliamentary spokesmen have begun to say goodbye to the secretary general of Podemos. Iglesias has received criticism from some allies of the coalition executive for what they consider a partisan maneuver, as well as from the parties of the right, which have lashed out against him. From the PSOE, however, it has been chosen to praise that he puts himself “at the service of his party.” Two sides of the same coin.

More Madrid will go with its own candidacy to the elections: "It is the best way to mobilize"

More Madrid will go with its own candidacy to the elections: “It is the best way to mobilize”

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“It gives me the feeling that Spanish politics is reduced to playing Stratego. There are many fans who get quite bored if the chips are not moved.” This is how the PNV spokesman in Congress, Aitor Esteban, has analyzed Iglesias’ decision to go to Madrid to contest the regional elections summoned by Isabel Díaz Ayuso for next May 4. “It is party interest,” he said in statements in Congress, where he said that partisanship has motivated everything that happened in recent days: “First, Citizens wanting the Presidency of a Community; the PSOE’s support for the motion to censorship to remove him from his alignment with the PP and seek a possible circumstantial majority if he goes wrong with ERC “. And he has continued: “The PP reacts out of partisan interest and with purchase of wills. And it reacts in Madrid in the interest of the party. Esteban has also said that the Churches movement responds to the “fear” of not reaching 5%: “The only way to get his head out is by presenting himself.” And he concluded with a message for Más Madrid: “Errejón’s decision is also a matter of individual projects.” The spokesperson for Más País this Tuesday has not appeared before the media.

Joan Baldoví has ​​shown himself along the same lines. The Compromís deputy has already criticized Iglesias in the past. And this Tuesday he insisted. “It lasts little in the sites. It moves a lot,” he said, to add that “he is more comfortable with roles other than that of management.” “Some feel better in the role of pepito cricket,” he pointed out, to ensure that he “would have liked to finish those things he had in place”, such as “the housing law” that Iglesias already said he wants to close before leaving .

Before them, the CUP deputy Mireia Behí assured that “from a pro-independence perspective, beyond the audacity or relevance of the movement, there is frustration” due to the “inability of this government to push forward measures that are transformative and essential. “. The Catalan deputy has cited the trans law wave amnesty law and “the repeal of the labor reform that never comes.” Behí has ​​shown “concern for the consequences” and “for the possibility that the right in the Community of Madrid reaffirms itself and manages to govern with better results. Hopefully not.”

Adriana Lastra: “She has put herself at the service of the party”

The one who has defended the Churches movement has been Adriana Lastra. The socialist spokeswoman has said to share “that a militant must be at the disposal” of her party. And that, he assured, Pablo Iglesias has done: “He has put himself at the service of the party.” The also deputy secretary general of the PSOE has also declared that “it is good news that the forces of the left exceed 5%”, referring to the possibility that Podemos did not do it before the jump of Iglesias.

Lastra has assured that “the coalition government works well, beyond a logical specific disagreement.” “This is how it will continue to be in the government of the nation and in Congress. And we will continue to have a good relationship in the Assembly,” he remarked. “We have a signed agreement, it is a coalition that works, we are complying with the agreements and it will continue to be that way,” the Socialist spokesperson concluded.

The harshest criticisms have come from the right. Vox spokesman Iván Espinosa has described Iglesias as “cowardly.” “After a year in government, and seeing that he does not get along with his boss, he has decided to flee. It is obvious that he is incapable of governing,” he concluded.

The PP spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, has demanded the immediate resignation of Iglesias. “He has shown that he has not done anything, that he is a downright bum elevated to the rank of vice president. His executive activity is zero, but series he has seen them all,” he said. “It is not acceptable that his position and public money are used to campaign. We hope that tomorrow will be his last control session,” he concluded.


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