February 26, 2021

Parliament supports Canarian pharmacies screening and testing for covid

All the parliamentary groups have approved this Tuesday a non-law proposal in which it is requested to incorporate Canarian pharmacies to the screening and conduct of coronavirus tests, once the Ministry of Health has regulated the corresponding regulations and protocol.

The proposal is called the incorporation of Canarian pharmacies into the urgent development of a public health strategy and has been developed by the Socialist, Nationalist Canarian, Popular, Nueva Canarias (NC), Sí Podemos Canarias and Mixto groups following a proposal regarding the Colleges of Pharmacists.

For the Gomera Socialist Group, deputy Jesús Ramos acknowledged that there are some impediments to overcome regarding the consideration of pharmacists as health personnel and Parliament does not want to contribute to the dispute between doctors and pharmacies, which in his opinion can be solved with the training courses necessary for the tasks of vaccination and testing.

María del Río, from Sí Podemos Canarias, pointed out that her group supports the initiative because of responsibility at a very difficult time, since its position is to allocate more resources to the “super-weakened” public health, while explaining that they do not want to be “barrier, objection or impediment” to stop the pandemic.

For Nueva Canarias Sandra Domínguez pointed out that we must be ambitious to undertake this initiative as soon as the Ministry approves the corresponding regulations, and considered that other countries in Europe “go much further” in the tasks that pharmacy offices can perform.

Miguel Ángel Ponce, from the Popular group, indicated that pharmacists can participate in the coronavirus screening, although protocols are also needed to be “perfectly coordinated” with the Canary Islands Health Service.

For José Alberto Díaz-Estébanez, from the Canarian Nationalist group, pharmacists have demonstrated their great capacity for organization and resistance during the pandemic and pointed out that he does not understand Podemos’ doubts, which he attributed to “stubbornness.”

The socialist Marcos Hernández specified that in all of Spain there are some 22,000 pharmacy offices with some 55,000 professionals who can help speed up the tracking and rapid tests within protocols with the health administration.

Marcos Hernández also made a call to continue making an immense effort on the part of all not to ruin the work done and that Canarian society can get out of the health crisis as soon as possible.


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