Parliament draws the curtain on a mandate that did not stop even the covid

Parliament draws the curtain on a mandate that did not stop even the covid

The X legislature of the Parliament of the Canary Islands it has certainly been so atypical how life has been in these four years outside Teobaldo Power's mansion.

with imagination and technology supportthe activity in the camera was imposed on confinement due to the health crisis until normality is restored. The other big focus has been on the La Palma volcanoa situation to which numerous parliamentary initiatives aimed at mitigating its effects were addressed.

Tomorrow starts the last plenary session of this legislature. Next week the upcoming elections and the Legislature will remain in the hands of a permanent commission until after the 28-M.

In these four years, as in the rest of the institutions, the urgent has made its way over the important in Parliament. In these circumstances, the opposition has maintained an attitude of outstretched hand to carry out the main issues presented by the Government to address these great difficulties that have arisen.

He President of the Parliament, Gustavo Matoshas reiterated in this sense that this has been the consent mandate. The truth is that the great Executive projects they have left with broad agreementfrom the law of climate changethe citizenship income o to ley trans.

Legislate by decree

In addition, fundamentally considering the special situation generated by the covid and the volcanohe towers cabinet brought to Parliament for validation 55 decree lawsa figure that has given rise to both the opposition As the consultive advice -despite recognizing their need and urgency- have understood that has been abused of this figure.

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rush the recovery of the Canary Islands to combat the effects of the pandemicoh he zero tourist led the Government to develop a guide for this task: the Reactive Planwhich also had the majority support -the PP abstained-, although the criticism of one of its signatories, Canary Coalition, has been increasingly open.

political scandals

And in case the regional government was missing something in this legislature, there have also been two political scandals. The first has been case Masks -the fraud of four million to the autonomous community for the purchase of a million masks that never reached the Canarian health system and that ended the dismissal of the director of the Canary Islands Health Service, Conrado Domínguez. The Covenant Groups prevented that a commission of inquiry.

The other great controversy of the legislature has to do with the mediator casewhich has required - in addition to explanations of the Minister of Agriculture in commission-, and extraordinary and monographic plenary session on this matter. The Executive takes refuge in that there has been no economic damage to the community and the PSOE in which he acted quickly.


Both in the Governing Council and in the Chamber, the members of the unprecedented four-way pact -PSOE, Nueva Canarias, Podemos and ASG- have boasted of stabilitythe second in the islands that ends four years.

The opposition, on the other hand, had a less calm beginning of the mandate. The leader of CC, Fernando Clavijowas appointed community senator to make sure the appraisal -las two causes proceedings that were pending have been archived by the Supreme-.

on the bench popular, Asian Antona it was sent' to the Upper House for his party and it was seen forced to leave the direction of the PP after the internal anger that prevented the center-right bloc from taking over the Government.

In the ranks of PSOE The troubled waters also subsided when it was necessary to appoint a successor to Senator Pedro Ramos. Santiago Perez and Blas Acosta they got into a dispute that the lagoon councilman won.


Internally, the Parliament's regulations has experienced in this tenure major changess. He ASG support to the Government required a mod to access, with three minutes, to own group.

In addition, the differences between NC and the deputy who acceded to Parliament after the alliance with AMF, Sandra Hormigathey took her to be non-attached deputy.

luckier he had Vidina Espinothat after leaving Cs for CC Collaboratewas able to stay in the Mixed Group thanks to a loophole of the regulation, endorsed by the Advisory.

there has also been quaint initiatives in the House, including the request for we can and CC for the ones paintings were covered during plenary sessions because "They evoke the worst of the conquest"they argued.