July 24, 2021

Paris says it controls the oil slick caused by the sea crash in Corsica

Paris says it controls the oil slick caused by the sea crash in Corsica

The French Minister of Ecology, François de Rugy, assured today that the services of his country, with cooperation the Italians, have under control the oil slick caused by the collision yesterday of two ships off the coast of Corsica.

"The leak is controlled," the minister told the chain "BFMTV", while explaining that the spot, about 20 square kilometers, was caused by fuel that escaped from one of the deposits of the Cypriot container ship that collided with a Tunisian ferry first thing yesterday morning.

De Rugy, who will be traveling to Corsica this afternoon to supervise the cleanup, said the French services were able to concentrate the fuel stain, which had begun to expand due to the wind, and are starting to pump it to prevent its dispersion. , which threatens to contaminate the coasts.

France counts for these works with the help of Italian media, based on a joint agreement to fight against pollution also signed by Monaco.

The fuel slick is located about 30 kilometers north of the Mediterranean island.

The reasons for the collision, in which there were no casualties and that occurred in the midst of good navigation conditions, with a wind of just 7 knots, about 13 kilometers per hour, are unknown.

The Ulysse, a Tunisian ferry that had left the Italian city of Genoa in the direction of their country, collided with the CLS Virginia, a Cypriot container ship that was anchored 28 kilometers northwest of Corsica.

The crash caused a waterway in one of the Cypriot ship's fuel tanks, which allowed fuel to escape.

The French Maritime Gendarmerie has opened an investigation to determine the causes of the accident.


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