Parents of the child Gabriel will inaugurate the "Whale", a space in his memory

Parents of the child Gabriel will inaugurate the "Whale", a space in his memory

Ángel Cruz and Patricia Ramírez, the parents of the boy Gabriel Cruz, killed at the hands of Ana Julia Quezada, the father's ex-partner, will open this Saturday the space of the 'Whale' of the Almeria capital, dedicated to his son, with an act in the that a solidarity campaign will be carried out.

The official profile of Twitter 'We are all Gabriel' has informed today that on December 29 will be held the opening of the "Whale of Gabriel and the Good People", which will attend the parents of the child, as indicated to Efe a spokesperson for the family.

"We would like to wish you happy holidays and thank you for all those expressions of affection that you have sent us this Christmas (…) We would like to thank you from Gabriel's parents for your gratitude for having made this place a place to pay homage and it is for they want to invite you to share that moment with them, "they said from Twitter.

Thus, they recalled how "during those days both the population of Almeria and the rest of the country offered thousands of solidarity shows in favor of good actions and the protection of children."

In this way, for this day the solidarity campaign Marea de Buena Gente "Bring a Smile to the Whale" has been organized to "be able to give back, and offer the children who most need it all the love they received in such hard times" .

Specifically, there will be a collection of donations in tents enabled with the 'Whale', in which those interested can deposit clothing, non-perishable food and hygiene products, infant milk, baby food, baby food and toy to "lend a hand to the three wise men".

Likewise, a workshop of Christmas carols with games and inflatable sculptures will be developed, as well as the "Marca un gol solidario" workshop, collaborating with the campaign "Donate changes everything" of the Red Cross.

The solidary tale 'El corazón del volcán', written by Gabriel's classmates during the spring of 2018, will also be presented.

Thus, a recognition will be given to these "young authors" who turned "the days of darkness into sunny and creative, surrounded by love and care of the school and their parents."

There will be a theater-trotting called also 'The heart of the volcano' and a mini concert of 'The small big band of the Clasijazz', in addition to the children's solidarity parade of 'The Theater Doubt'.

It will be possible to acquire the story 'The heart of the volcano' on the day of the inauguration or on the website, and the money raised will go to the Almerian Association of children against Cancer and the school Virgen de Loreto, in that Gabriel was studying, for the arrangement of his installations.

They have clarified that the money from the online sale of each thousand copies will also be destined to different children's associations that "watch over the protective values ​​of children".


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