parental leave of 7 weeks and minimum wage of 1,300 euros

parental leave of 7 weeks and minimum wage of 1,300 euros

The Official State Gazette publishes this Monday Mercadona's new collective agreement, signed last December with the unions UGT and CCOO, which guarantees a minimum base salary of 1,300 gross euros per month and, among other measures, extends to seven weeks the paternity leave.

The new labor framework came into force on January 1, although its publication is now collected in the BOE, and will be valid for five years.

The agreement reflects the commitment of the company to improve the purchasing power of the workforce, with a minimum base salary of 1,300 euros a month gross, as well as a Progressive increase in the base salary linked to the CPI.

Further, reinforces the reconciliation of family and work life and incorporates the creation of a joint Observatory that will provide the company with greater flexibility and efficiency to launch new proposals in these matters.

Among the new measures is the extension of paternity leave up to seven weeks compared to five currently covered by the law; Y the collection of 100% of the salary being of low for temporary incapacity until the eighteen months.

The last two weeks of paternity leave will be borne by the company "meanwhile the Social Security does not take care of them", according to the agreement, and this additional period can be enjoyed continuously or in a different period, provided that when there is agreement with the company and no more than 9 months have elapsed since birth.

Equally, introduces the extension of leave for child care until they turn 12, with the possibility that those who have under their direct care a minor of this age and are enjoying a reduction in working hours, when the maximum legal age is exhausted may request a change of part-time contract until the child's 15 years, and Then return to full time, if you wish.

The agreement also contemplates the possibility of requesting leave of absence with reservation of the job for up to three years in case of sexist violence, as well as other specific rights in these cases.

Establishes a maximum of two days a week with a ten-hour day; it incorporates the return of the "bag of hours" in full days when it is twelve hours or more; It will establish the implementation of a transfer system and will not split days shorter than five hours in total times.

It also collects a minimum of seven free weekends per year and annual calendars of the working day for workers in the logistics area.

In addition, Mercadona has also signed with the union representatives the Equality Plan with which it consolidates its line of action in favor of equal opportunities with the philosophy that applies transversally that "equal responsibility, same salary".


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