April 16, 2021

Parental abduction

Parental abduction

Agents of the National Police have located in Barcelona a child under eight who had been forcibly removed from his mother in the Netherlands. The abduction took place on June 12 in the Dutch city of Kruisstratt when, allegedly, the father of the child, along with a friend, snatched the child from his mother and forced him into a vehicle to give himself to the leakage. The Dutch authorities detected the possible presence of those involved in Catalonia communicating such extreme to the Police. Finally, they were located in a building in the city of Barcelona where the intervention of the Special Security Task Force was necessary to ensure the recovery and protection of the minor. In the house was located and arrested one of the alleged perpetrators: the friend of the father.

The investigation began on July 27 when the National Police received a European Investigation Order, issued by the Dutch authorities, requesting the location and protection of the minor. The child had allegedly been abducted by his father with the help of a friend. The Dutch authorities made several arrangements for the parents, who were in the process of separation.

After communicating this point to the Spanish authorities, agents of the central UFAM began the necessary operational procedures to locate the minor in order to carry out his protection and be able to execute the return to his mother in the most immediate manner. After a laborious investigation in which numerous steps were taken, the agents found out that the investigated were in a house in the city of Barcelona.

Once all the information was contrasted, the house was entered and registered, for which the intervention of the GOES was necessary. The agents located the minor inside the building, as well as one of those investigated who was arrested at that moment.

An educator of a shelter took care of the child waiting for him to be returned to his mother in the Netherlands since he is the one who holds custody and custody exclusively. The agents continue the efforts to locate the father of the child who was not located in the house.


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