July 11, 2020

Parejo's tweet supporting Marcelino after his dismissal from Valencia

The Asturian coach Marcelino García Toral went to the sports city of Valencia CF to say goodbye to the staff and the workers of the club, after being dismissed as coach of the Valencian club.

The Asturian coach arrived in Paterna shortly before the press conference of his replacement, Albert Celades, in Mestalla began.

Marcelino arrived at 5.40 p.m. in the sports city, where a few minutes before the club's general director, Mateu Alemany, had arrived. Subsequently, the players of Valencia were arriving in a staggered way, despite the fact that the evening training begins at 7:00 p.m.

The first to arrive were the captains Dani Parejo, Rodrigo Moreno and Jose Luis Gayà, and even the injured Cristiano Piccini appeared to say goodbye with his teammates, who has been his coach in the last two seasons, and with whom the squad always has publicly shown to be very close.

Shortly before one hour had elapsed since his arrival, Marcelino left the sports city and, in the car in front, was accompanied by his second, Ruben Uría, who got out of the vehicle to say goodbye to security personnel at the parking gates.

Just a few minutes later it was Alemany, whose continuity in the club is unknown, who was leaving. Neither the CEO nor Marcelino wanted to make statements.

Ten minutes after leaving both the facilities of the sports city, Albert Celades arrived by car, who this afternoon will direct his first training, behind closed doors, and shortly after the club president, Anil Murthy.

It will not be easy for Celades, because part of the dressing room is with Marcellin, as Parejo, the captain, made clear in a tweet: “Mister, I wish you the best. I'm sure you'll be fine wherever you go and let you work. Thank you for making the club bigger and me a better soccer player. ”

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