April 15, 2021

Parejo is always played | sports

Parejo is always played | sports

"Eixe is a limp freak [un higo mustio]" Dani Parejo (Coslada, Madrid, 29 years old) was a senior Valencia manager, tired of his game without presence and inconsequential to his arrival to the squad seven seasons ago, from Getafe. The Valencian expression refers to the soft person of character. For the grandstand, still today divided around his football, was the "bloodless" or the "blood of horchata". Parejo has never had it easy in Mestalla. His risky way of playing bristles the hair of the fans. Equal pulls a pipe in a three-quarter area that does it by taking the ball in its own area or in the starting area, with the two centers open behind them. "I know that my way of playing makes some fans nervous but I do not see the danger where others see it. It's my way of playing, I've always played like that and I'm not going to change, "Parejo told program 90 Minutsof CV Ràdio.

If there was a statistic of throwing pipes, Parejo would be among the leaders. "Do not risk it so much, Dani, fuck!", Said Braulio Vázquez, current sports director of Osasuna, who signed him for Valencia from Getafe in July 2011. "He did not listen to me. Always play it. He does not know how to play differently, he does not want to do it. Most of the time he wins, but at other times he loses the ball and it costs you a fright, that's why the crowd began to criticize him, but he is unique and now mixes talent with performance. I am amused that people criticize him to the minimum although he does not affect that because he has a lot of personality ", explains Braulio, the same who joined in Mestalla two superclasses as Parejo y Canales, now rivals in the semifinal copera.

"He is one of the best midfielders in the league. Technically it's great. He has a gifted physicist and, above all, he is never injured, "adds Braulio. Indeed, Coslada hardly suffers injuries. The last one, a break in a muscle of the abdomen of the left side for which he missed three games in November.

Even is peculiar even for injuries. It was his third loss in eight seasons. He had been without any illness since March 2016. His case is prodigious since with Marcelino he plays everything. In fact, last season he played 42 games, 34 league and eight Copa del Rey, to add a total of 3,584 minutes. Nobody played more than him in the team. This course leads the same way. For Marcelino it is indisputable. In his policy of rotations he has Bull Parejo. The captain has played 30 games this year -20 of the league, five of the Cup and five of the Champions League- and has only been a substitute in the first cup match against CD Ebro. He carries a load of 2,600 minutes, 260 more than Neto and Gayà, who follow him in this statistical chapter. "Dani is an extraordinary footballer that we need to see here for a long time," Marcelino said when the player's renewal came out, until 2022. "When Parejo is fine, the team plays better." With this forcefulness settled the technician the debate on the constant ownership of Madrid even being bad.

With Marcelino

The relationship between coach and player is one of absolute trust and complicity. Tired of part of the fans not understanding their football, Parejo was in a tris to go to Sevilla in June 2017. Just landed, Marcelino convinced him to stay. "Valverde and Marcelino have been the two coaches of reference in my career. Marcelino is a top trainer, for how he transmits and for how he understands football, "he said months later.

The sense hug of Parejo to Marcelino after the goal to Valladolid in Mestalla on January 12 was a veiled message to Peter Lim, who at that time meditated to dismiss the Asturian. With that gesture and with similar ones after the victory in Balaídos, the owner noticed that the dressing room was with his coach and that it would not be smart to throw him out.

It was Ernesto Valverde who put Parejo to play facing the game, 6 Until then the player insisted on playing as a playmaker, position in which he received back to goal. Valverde was the first technician to get the most out of him, in 2012-13. Then he has been a player of moments without continuity. Until Marcelino arrived. In his shadow he has reached a brilliant maturity.

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