"Parasites" makes history and sweeps the Oscars

A film crop of the best in recent years was presented. Movies out of the special mind of Tarantino, characters torn from sagas of superheroes that charge three dimensions and even political message, technical feats to roll the war forever, unexpected and crude stories from the Far East and stories of mafia that overcome violence and aspire to tell the big and small story of the USA. For having, there was even the story of two Popes and a comedy with Nazism in the background. And all the movies were good. With such an outlook and the usual speculations about the film, the taste of the academy, more politically correct or the calculation of the debts that the prizes have with the applicants, it remained to be known who would take the cat to the water. And, in the meantime candidate, there was a clear thing. Someone would win and some would come back with their hands in their pockets throwing kicks in the air.

We will start with the defeated. Martin Scorsese left empty despite the ten nominations that accumulated "The Irish." In the other corner, who was going to say it. The big winner was an exceptional Korean film shot in Korean, but brave (like the American Academy) and special: "Parasites." No one expected that Hollywood could recognize a film with a realistic and universal background, that of social inequality, and a powerful but culturally alien narration. In fact, It is the first time that a film not shot in English wins the Oscar for the best film of the year, since “Roma”, by Alfonso Cuarón, took three (director and foreign film, among them) but not the main one.

The Korean team had arrived in Los Angeles thought they would be ignored, or at least misunderstood. And they left rubbing four statuettes, the most important: best foreign film, best original script, best director and best film. And wasting the humility of its director, Boong Joon Ho, who thought he was usurping the Scorsese and Tarantino prize and only promised to drink until the next morning with each prize he collected and exceeded his expectations.

It was a grim gala in words and controversy but lavish in musical numbers. A somewhat nondescript show without a presenter in which it was seen how "1917" took some technical awards (3), "Once upon a time in ... Hollywood" was done with the planned for Brad Pitt and the best production (2 ) Y "Joker" also bagged Joaquin Phoenix and the soundtrack. The feminine interpretations did not leave the script either. René Zellweger in the protagonist for "Judy" and Laura Dern for "Story of a marriage." Almodóvar could not do anything against the great winner of the night, and the Spanish aspirations stayed in nothing, since Banderas and the animation tape "Klaus", who aspired to award, also ran out of it.

The prize for the best actor adhered to the script, but it is that the interpretation of Joaquin Phoenix is ​​out of series. "Joker", an allegedly anti-system tape that has been the seventh highest grossing of the year, is based on his work. Phoenix asked to stop the applause. "I don't feel above my nomination partners," he said. He thanked the prize and defended that everything is part of “a fight against injustice, for the belief that a people, a sex, a race has no right to exploit others with impunity. We have disconnected from nature and are immersed in an egocentric world thinking that we are the center of the world. But if we use love we can carry out systems of change, ”he defended. “I have been quite a rogue in my life and it has been difficult to interact with some of the colleagues in the profession. But many of you have given me a second chance and that is the best of Humanity, when we support each other, ”said Phoenix, who said goodbye with verses from his brother River.

The award for best supporting actor came out early and was sung. Brad Pitt ("Once upon a time ... in Hollywood") took the Oscar and, after a reference to Trump's "impeachment", thanked the artist for the award: "This has to do with Trantino, because it is original, unique and the movie industry would be a horrible place without you. ” Pitt remembered his parents for taking him to see "Butch Cassidy And Billy The Kid" when it was one night, because that was for him "once upon a time in Hollywood." The actor also remembered his children, "which are what gives me motivation to continue." The Oscar was also delivered as planned to the best supporting actress, who went to Laura Dern for "Story of a marriage", in which she played a cynical lawyer. She had already been a candidate twice and won as all previous awards anticipated.


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