Paramount+ announces the filming of 'Papa's jump', starring Rodrigo de la Serna

Paramount+ announces the filming of 'Papa's jump', starring Rodrigo de la Serna

Daddy's Jump, based on the book published in 2017 by the journalist and writer Martin Sivakwill arrive on streaming platforms from the production companies Infinity Hill and Rei Cine in what will be an original Paramount+ film in Argentina.

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"Dad's jump will be a story crossed by the courage and sensitivity of a man's gaze, which reconstructs the history and figure of his father, and allows us to approach a new, unique and subjective point of view of a story. collective”, said Federico Cuervo, SVP, & General Director of VIS Americas. "With Rodrigo de la Serna, an extraordinary actor with such particular characteristics, we know that we will be able to tell all the nuances that history proposes," he concluded.

Paramount+ will produce the film together with Infinity Hill, the company of Axel Kuschevatzky, Phin Glynn and Cindy Teperman, and Rei Cine, by Benjamin Domenech, Santiago Gallelli and Matías Roveda. The direction will be by Daniela Goggi ((Abzurdah, The red thread and the brand new series María Marta: The country crime), who also co-wrote the script with Andrea Garrote, as reported by Variety.

On December 5, 1990, a group of workers who were building a hotel in the center of Buenos Aires saw how Jorge Sivak jumped into the void without giving them time to stop him. A student leader, urban guerrilla, defense attorney for political prisoners, and himself a political prisoner and exile, Jorge Sivak never abandoned the family business, a small empire created thanks to his father's business skills and the secret funds of the Communist Party. He was left in charge—no business knack—when his older brother was murdered in the most notorious kidnapping of the 1980s: the Sivak Affair. His son, Martín Sivak, who was 15 years old at the time of the suicide, rebuilds a life that shone and died before his eyes. In 2017, Sivak, who is now the journalistic director of elDiarioAR, published El Salto de Papá, which has sold 18 editions in Latin America and Spain and was chosen book of the year by a dozen prestigious media outlets. It is expected that in 2023, when the film is released, the book will be published in other languages.

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