July 6, 2020

Paraguay's lower house ratifies 2020 budget despite rejection in the Senate

The Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay ratified on Tuesday its initial version of the General Budget of the Nation (PGN) 2020, which contemplates increases in items destined for some institutions, despite the opposition expressed last week in the Senate.

The debate lasted for about four hours, not only because of the contributions of the deputies, but also because of their lack of knowledge about what they were trying and voting, as they said, after several reconsiderations and breaks.

The decision of the Lower House was the ratification "in totum" in the initial sanction of the Chamber of Deputies to the PGN 2020, which raised the budget to 86.32 billion Guarani (13.370 million dollars), compared to more than 85.5 billion Guarani (about 13.250 million dollars).

This plus an addendum of 749,000 million (about 116 million dollars) of the Executive version.

The ratification of that initial version came after last week the House of Senators opposed that increase and advocated the opinion of the Committee on Finance and Budget of the Congress, which rejected the increases introduced in Deputies.

The senators refused some of the changes of Deputies, such as the creation of charges for the Prosecutor's Office, salary increases for officials of the National Electricity Administration (ANDE) or salary readjustments to teachers.

The Senate then left the PGN 2020 at 86.2 billion dollars (about 13.360 million dollars), a figure that today was knocked down again by parliamentarians of the Chamber of Deputies.

After the decision of the House of Representatives, the document will return again to the House of Senators, which may maintain its decision or accept the version of Deputies.

On this occasion, the vote of 23 senators will be required to be able to approve the version of the Upper House, but if not, that of Deputies will be ratified.

Once the parliamentary procedures have been passed, the PGN 2020 will pass to the president of the country, Mario Abdo Benítez, who may sanction or veto it.

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