April 22, 2021

Paraguayan opposition manifests itself at the shout of political trial to Abdo Benítez

Some 600 people, including politicians from different parties of the Paraguayan opposition, demonstrated this Saturday in Asunción to the shout of political trial to the president of the country, Mario Abdo Benítez, by a bilateral act with Brazil that establishes a schedule for purchasing energy from Itaipu until 2023.

The protesters chose as protest points the headquarters of the National Energy Administration (ANDE), that of the Itaipu binational dam and the Brazilian Embassy in Paraguay, enclaves concentrated in a radius of just two kilometers that represent the triangle of complaints of the Paraguayan opposition for what they consider an assignment of energy sovereignty to Brazil.

That is his opinion on the bilateral act, signed on May 24 but known to the public this week, about a schedule of monthly energy purchase to Itaipu until 2022, a year before Paraguay and Brazil sit down to negotiate the Annex C of the 1973 Itapú Treaty, a revision from which better conditions are expected for Paraguay.

The Paraguayan opposition distrusts the schedule, since until now the purchase of energy had been carried out year after year, and also of the increase in contracted power, which also entails greater disbursement in payment, although until now Paraguay contracted less than consumed, according to experts.

That mistrust in the minutes, prelude to future negotiations with Brazil, led opposition parties, including the Liberal Party and the Guasu Front, to summon citizens to express their rejection of that document.

The first stop was in front of the ANDE headquarters, where they waved flags of different parties and began shouting "Political trial!" and a phrase that has already become popular among Paraguayans to express dissatisfaction with the management of the president "Disaster 'ko' (word with reaffirmative meaning in Guarani) Marito!", as he is known in the country.

In front of the ANDE, the politician of the Guasu Front Ricardo Canese, a Paraguayan representative in the Mercosur Parliament, took the floor and referred to the president as "a barbarian who attempts against national sovereignty."

"This is a national cause of all sectors. What Mr. Abdo Benítez has done is not only a betrayal of the country but he has taken measures so that there is no development or future or hope in the country," he shouted. Canese

The politician also encouraged citizens to mobilize because "the highest authority of the Republic is the people."

The march continued along the Avenida de España, one of the main streets of the capital, to the headquarters of Itaipú, where the chants were directed against the director of the Paraguayan side, José Alberto Alderete, to the shout of "Alderete al rerete!".

From there, the protesters set out to the Brazilian Embassy, ​​where some climbed on the bars of the building to wave the Paraguayan flag.

In front of the entrance of the Embassy two of the attendees, with masks of Abdo Benítez and the president of Brazil, the extreme rightist Jair Bolsonaro, staged the meetings between the two leaders, tied by a chain and with the character of Abdo Benítez covered by a Brazil's flag.

They also imitated the Paraguayan president, who recently expressed his joy when Bolsonaro refers to him as 'Marito', while other protesters shouted at the alleged president of Brazil who gave him to the Paraguayan president in exchange for his sovereignty.

Before the Embassy, ​​the attendees sang the Paraguayan national anthem directed by the leader of the Liberal Party, Efraín Alegre, who lost the Presidency of the country to Abdo Benítez in the April 2018 elections.

"If they do not break this agreement, which is a betrayal of the country, let them know that the Paraguayan people will have a new presidency of the Republic," said one exalted Alegre.

Next to him spoke the senator of the Guasu Front Carlos Filizzola, who described the Paraguayan president as "vendepatria" and reproached him for his government not informing the agreement until this week.

The lack of information on this act led Congress to convene different members of the Executive on Monday 29 to give explanations to the senators.

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