Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Paraguayan former president Lugo praises "fortitude" of Lula after 580 days in jail

The Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo (2008-2012) praised this Friday the "fortitude" of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva for enduring 580 days in jail and a "shameful trial", on the occasion of the release of the Brazilian ex-president.

"Dear fellow @LulaOficial, a shameful trial and 580 days in prison could not bend an inch of your fortitude and your dignity to continue standing next to your people," Lugo, current senator for the concert, commented on his Twitter account Left front Guasu.

"The embrace of all the Latin American peoples for you and all those who fight by your side," Lugo said at the end of his message.

Lugo and Lula, who share a similar political line, have held several meetings before the second was jailed.

In April of last year, Lugo, dismissed in 2012 in a parliamentary trial, described the judicial process against Lula as a "blow to democracy" and added that it is a more "political than legal" process.

Ten years ago, being both presidents, they signed a historic agreement that allowed Paraguay to regain control over its energy in the Itaipu giant, the dam shared by both countries.

Lugo carried out this July an act in commemoration of that agreement that Lula did not attend because he was imprisoned.

Lula, 74, left jail thanks to a decision of the Supreme Court adopted Thursday.

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