Paraguayan businesses adapt to "COVID mode" in the second phase of quarantine

The start of the second phase of the "smart quarantine" in Paraguay allowed this Monday the return to the activity of private works, sports and cultural activities without public, and the opening of stores, including shopping centers, which will have had to adapt to "COVID mode".

This second stage of the "smart quarantine", as the Government has called the gradual withdrawal of restrictions, also enabled the return to corporate offices of 50% of its staff, which was also reflected in the streets, which are more crowded and Busy than in the past few weeks.

In the center of Asunción, the vehicles already occupied the parking spaces and even double-parked, as a sign of this progressive transition to commercial and labor activity.

Along with cars, there was also a higher frequency of buses on Monday, which are allowed to carry up to ten standing passengers, in addition to those occupying the seats.

The urban landscape of the Paraguayan capital begins to detach itself from the ghostly aspect that it showed since March, when quarantine was decreed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, to regain movement.

Calle Palma, in the downtown area of ​​Asunción, showed a bit more hustle this Monday, with the street vendors posted on the sidewalks while the shops closed their doors waiting for customers who, for the moment, remain cautious.

The shop windows have changed the summer clothes with which the mannequins were detained over time by the winter clothes, to adapt to the climate with which Paraguay receives the economic reopening.

In addition to the change of season, the crystals also invite consumption with offers of balances, discounts and discounts, to try to save almost two months without more activity than a little advanced digital commerce, through WhatsApp on many occasions and without more catalogs than photos of the products made during the conversation between the customer and the seller.

With the adaptation to the "COVID way of living" that the Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, usually talks about, businesses warn with signs that you cannot access without masks and all have enabled the sanitary protocol: toilets, soap, paper and alcohol to wash hands and take temperature before entering the premises.

The way of shopping has also changed and since this Monday, customers have waited in line outside the premises to avoid crowds inside.

With the new sanitary measures, it is also not allowed to try clothes before buying, although shops guarantee returns.

This second phase of the smart quarantine will last until June 15, when the Government will evaluate the move to the third stage.

For the time being, in this second phase, the restaurants and bars will continue to be closed, which initially threatened to open this Monday, despite the Executive's prohibitions.

Although in the end they complied with the measures, the catering sector and the health authorities are planning a dialogue table this week to approach positions and find a solution to their claims.

Paraguay has so far registered 862 confirmed cases, with 307 recovered and eleven deceased.


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