Paraguay registers 305 cases of dengue in the last week

Paraguay registered in the last week 305 new cases of dengue in the last week, according to data from the Directorate General of Health Surveillance published this Saturday by the Ministry of Public Health.

The virus already affects 13 of the 17 departments of the country and Asunción, the capital, although the situation is more worrying in Alto Paraná, on the border with Brazil.

In this department, the number of cases increased by 154% in the last week and is already at 497 positive, the highest figure in the country.

Dengue outbreaks remain active in this department, specifically in the Minga Guazú district and in some neighborhoods of Ciudad del Este, the second largest city in the country.

There were also high figures in Itapúa, in the south of the country, with 154 cases, followed by Amambay, bordering Brazil, with 47.

Health authorities have also detected an increase in the area of ​​Pedro Juan Caballero, the capital of the department of Amambay.

In the capital, Asunción, there are five people affected by dengue, while in the Central department it rises to 23.

The Ministry of Public Health reported that notifications for suspected cases of Arbovirosis are already 5,091 nationwide since the beginning of the year, with an average report of 855 notifications with suspicion in the last three weeks.

Although the cases of dengue continue to rise, those of chikungunya, also transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, remain stagnant in 10 positives for several weeks, with affected in Central, Paraguarí and Alto Paraná.

The Paraguayan Government continues with its campaign "Save lives without hatcheries", in which it urges the population to clean and check the possible breeding sites that may originate in their homes.

Specifically, in containers that can accumulate water, such as pots, drinking fountains, buckets or bottles.

It is also recommended to see a doctor if symptoms such as fever, pain or skin rashes are detected.

A 31-year-old woman died earlier this month in the department of Alto Paraná because of dengue fever.

Paraguay suffered the worst dengue epidemic in its history in 2013, with 150,000 registered cases and 252 deaths in a country of 6.7 million inhabitants.


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