September 22, 2020

Paraguay registered 11 femicides in less than three months

Paraguay registered 11 femicides in less than three months

Paraguay registered 11 femicides from January until today, a figure that includes the murder of a 23-year-old girl at the hands of her ex-partner this weekend in the department of Canindeyú, in the east of the country, according to the Ministry of Women.

Of those 11 women, two were minors, a girl of 7 years and another of 11 months, who were killed by their parents, the source added Monday in a statement.

The nine remaining dead, most of them with ages under thirty, were victims of their partners and ex-partners, except in the case of a woman who was murdered by her brother.

The data of the Ministry of Women also show the number of children who are orphaned by sexist murders, which amount to 28.

In most cases, the aggressors are in custody, with the exception of one pair who committed suicide and another who is a fugitive from justice.

Many did not have criminal records either, although two cases were registered with files, one with an arrest warrant for intentional homicide and another for alcohol consumption.

In addition to these murders, the Ministry of Women has also counted 24 femicide attempts during this time.

The jealous and possessive behaviors still persist in some relationships, so the Ministry of Women wants to warn of the dangers of tolerating these attitudes.

The portfolio advises women to be alert if their partners show jealousy, abuse alcoholic beverages or drugs, control their conversations, money and way of dressing, or reject and disregard their comments.

They also warn that violence is considered the obligation to have sex when the woman does not want it, the limitation to see family or friends and verbal threats.

In 2018, a total of 57 women were killed in Paraguay, seven more than in 2017, as reported by the Ministry of Women.


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