Paraguay receives defective medical supplies from China

Paraguay’s Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni confirmed Wednesday at a press conference that half of the health items purchased from China to strengthen the health system in the face of the coronavirus pandemic are defective.

Paraguay acquired 6 million surgical masks, 50 beds, 80,000 protective suits, 40,000 face shields, 30,000 eye shields and 1.7 million N95 masks from the Asian giant, products for which it paid an advance payment of 30%.

Of those six requests, the Ministry of Health has already evaluated the beds, the surgical masks and the protective suits, all with some defects.

“The problem is that, when the product is opened, the technical specifications, the type of material that the fabric makes can be used for other actions, but for health safety it is one level below what is required and has a certain type of suture that is not adequate either, “said the minister, referring to the protective gowns.

Regarding the masks, the problem found is that “the documentation is not in order”, despite the fact that the characteristics and technical specifications are adequate.

The beds received lacked the necessary levels of movement, so they were also rejected.

“Three of the six items are those that have been evaluated. All three have been rejected at the moment but with possibilities for the company to be able to reverse that. The other three have not yet been evaluated,” Mazzoleni explained during the presentation of these products. to the press in the Health Park, located in the town of Mariano Roque Alonso, on the outskirts of Asunción.

Mazzoleni insisted that Paraguay is not the only country that has received defective products and recalled that “it has to compete globally” to find the necessary items in a market saturated by excess demand and short supply.


Paraguay will complete the sanitary restrictions on Sunday and will pass the first phase of the “intelligent quarantine” on Monday, the name given by the Government to the relaxation of the measures.

Mazzoleni stressed that this “intelligence” of the quarantine will allow the government to move forward or backward in its decisions and even “put the brakes on the hand, if necessary,” in case it does not give the expected results.

Paraguay has registered, since March 7, 239 positive cases of coronavirus, of which nine have died and 102 have recovered.


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