April 20, 2021

Paraguay receives a historic certificate for the eradication of Chagas transmission

Paraguay receives a historic certificate for the eradication of Chagas transmission

Asunción, Nov 21 (EFE) .- Paraguay today received the certificate of free territory of vector home transmission of Chagas, after the evaluation mission of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in August certified that cut of the disease, of great incidence in South America.

The representative of PAHO / WHO in Paraguay, Luis Roberto Escoto, said during an event, in a hotel in Asunción, that Paraguay has given a great lesson in health, following the eradication of malaria, in mid-June.

"I am here living a historic moment, a moment that any representative dreams of, and I have had to experience it twice this year in Paraguay, the certification of the eradication of malaria and now the vector elimination of Chagas," said Escoto, quoted by the Ministry of Public Health.

Escoto highlighted the work carried out in Paraguay by the National Chagas Program, within the National Service for the Eradication of Malaria (Senepa) and the Ministry of Public Health, with emphasis on prevention, control and dissemination of information.

He also reviewed the process that led to this cut of the disease, since in 2008 the interruption of domiciliary vector transmission in the Eastern Region of Paraguay was achieved.

Escoto remembered how that achievement was extended to the Chaco region, which was a challenge.

"Today we can affirm that Paraguay is free from the Chagas home transmission, and we know that this is a historic achievement, but not immovable and eternal.We must remain vigilant, attentive.The challenge is to sustain this victory," he warned.

Chagas is a parasitic disease caused by the protozoan "Trypanosoma cruzi" (T.cruzi), which is transmitted to humans and other mammals by insect vectors that feed on blood.

These insects usually inhabit unhealthy areas of precarious housing in rural and urban areas.


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