Paraguay moves towards industrialization with a power line

The Paraguayan president, Mario Abdo Benítez, said Friday that the country is advancing on the path of industrialization and development with the authorization of the line that will allow the use of all the electricity that corresponds to the Yacyretá hydroelectric plant, shared with Argentina .

Abdo Benítez also noted that this start-up is a step towards the sovereignty of Paraguay's energy production, during the event that took place on the Paraguayan side of Yacyretá, a fact that he described as "historical".

"This is not isolated, we are doing it so that Paraguay has sovereignty over its energy production and allows it to be an attractive country for capital and the industrialization of what we produce in the country," Benitez said.

The act consisted of the interconnection to the Yacyretá network of the 500 kilovolt transmission line of the state National Electricity Administration (ANDE) for its future distribution throughout the national electricity system.

So far Paraguay only consumes 6.3% of 50% of its share of the dam, put into operation in 1994, so 93.65% is absorbed by the Argentine system, under the construction treaty that was signed in 1973.

The adaptation of this line will allow Paraguay to have a power of 1,732 mega volts amper (MVA) in front of the 750 MVA ceiling to which it was so far limited.

"This is the way, to generate the conditions for production, industrializing the raw material so that Paraguay is a competitive logistics center in the region," said the head of state of the conservative Colorado Party.

For his part, the Paraguayan director of Yacyretá, former president Nicanor Duarte (2003-2008), described the technical adaptation, which lasted one year and was carried out by national experts, as "an act of unrestricted sovereignty."

"We have today after 25 years the total availability of the energy we produce here, the president's challenge is to generate the conditions, the necessary climate ... for the investment to come," said Duarte.

The former governor also announced that the construction of three new turbines in the "Añá Cua" arm of the Yacyretá dam, which currently operates with 20 machines, will begin in the second half of February after completing the bureaucratic process that lasted two years.

This work will require an investment of 610 million dollars, will employ about 3,000 people and end in about four years, after which the three turbines would add an additional power of 270 megawatts to the dam.

The Yacyretá dam (land of the moon, in the Guaraní language), is Paraguay's second largest hydroelectric plant behind Itaipú, which it shares with Brazil, also on the Paraná river border.

Itaipu is the world's largest dam in energy production.


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