Paraguay defeats a worn out Chile and goes to the quarterfinals

An instant from Chile - Paraguay.

An instant from Chile - Paraguay.
Fernando Bizerra Jr

With goals from Braian Samudio and Miguel Almirón, Paraguay's national team qualified for the quarterfinals from the America's Cup to beat a worn Chilean squad 0-2 at the Mané Garrincha National Stadium, in a match belonging to the fourth day of the group stage of the America Cup.

At 33 minutes of play the Paraguayan midfielder Braian samudio translated into a goal by the pressure that Albirroja exerted against those led by Martín Lasarte by winning a corner kick by nailing a header at an angle impossible for Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo. The second goal for Eduardo Berizzo's pupils came from eleven meters at 58 minutes into the engagement, in the face of a foul by Gary Medel on Carlos Gónzález that Colombian judge Wilmar Roldán did not hesitate to sanction. It was the striker Miguel Almiron the person in charge of executing the shot from the penalty spot, sending the ball to Bravo's right post and stretching the advantage of Paraguay.

Outside of those two plays, the match did not offer major dangerous situations and a very physically worn and disorderly Chilean team was seen in the midfield. Those led by Martín Lasarte clearly felt the lack of Erick Pulgar, who during the tournament has given much verticality to the Chilean game, releasing Arturo Vidal and Charles Aránguiz at the start. chili He was erratic in passing, played to the side and had no memorable moments throughout the 90 minutes, with the exception of a hand in the area that they claimed in La Roja but which was dismissed by Roldán after reviewing the play in the VAR.

Miguel Almirón was the outstanding figure of the Paraguayan team, becoming a complication for the last Chilean line that did not know how to contain him until he was replaced. Paraguay adds six points and with this victory it is located in the second position of group A, after the selection of Argentina.


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