March 6, 2021

Paraguay and Uruguay agree to reduce the requirements to apply for residency

The governments of Paraguay and Uruguay agreed on Wednesday to reduce the requirements to apply for a residence permit in their respective countries, an initiative that will allow citizens who emigrate to the other State to obtain their documentation within 90 days and free of charge.

This is one of the measures that executives have agreed upon during the official visit of the Uruguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rodolfo Nin Novoa, to Asunción, where he has had a meeting with his Paraguayan counterpart, Luis Alberto Castiglioni.

In addition to this instrument to improve the free movement of people, the foreign ministers have also signed agreements to improve consular cooperation, establish diplomatic academies or facilitate the families of embassy personnel to work freely.

In order to keep these agreements on the bilateral agenda, the ambassador of Uruguay in Paraguay, Federico Perazza, told Efe that the "high level group" will be refloated, an institution for the foreign ministers of both countries to communicate. the ministers of the different portfolios.

During his visit to Paraguay, Nin Novoa held this morning a private meeting of just half an hour with Castiglioni, whom he had known for more than a decade, when both were vice-presidents of their respective countries, between 2003 and 2007 in the case of the Paraguayan, and from 2005 to 2010 in the Uruguayan.

After this meeting between peers, Nin Novoa and Castiglioni opened the talks to their teams to sit down to "trace the shared itinerary" between the two countries for the future, as the Paraguayan chancellor said at the beginning of the meeting, which lasted for about hour and half.

The framework of consultations between Paraguay and Uruguay brought to the table trade, economic and political issues of a bilateral and regional nature, with the recent signing of the agreement between Mercosur, the bloc of which both are parties, together with Argentina and Brazil, and the advances in new treaties with other regions.

"We both have decidedly promoted this agreement and I think we will be great beneficiaries because both Uruguay and Paraguay are countries that necessarily transcend their internal markets to place their production in the world," Perazza explained.

The ambassador recalled that among the Mercosur countries, the internal quotas of products such as meat, rice or sugar have yet to be agreed upon, but he placed these negotiations in the future.

"We have two very similar economies and two very similar export matrices, which makes us competitive in the world and also complementary," he added.

In addition, Castiglioni and Nin Novoa, with their respective teams, also profiled the South American bid, along with Argentina and Chile, for the 2030 World Cup.

During his visit to Paraguay, Nin Nova, who faced his country's elections in his last months at the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also made an offering before the Pantheon of Heroes, where the country's heroes rest.

The Uruguayan chancellor nodded to know the building and, in a conciliatory tone, he recalled that Uruguay and Paraguay, in addition to sharing war episodes, are also united by their hymns, both composed by Francisco Acuña de Figueroa.

In the afternoon, he received from the hands of his Paraguayan counterpart the Decoration of the National Order of Merit, a recognition of his work to stimulate relations with Paraguay.

"This decoration leads me to consolidate a friendship between us and between our governments for the benefit of our peoples," Nin Novoa said at an official ceremony in which he declined to answer questions.

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