Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Paraguay and Bolivia will open firewalls at the border to stop fires

The Governments of Paraguay and Bolivia on Friday agreed to open a firewall on the border to prevent the flames from spreading from one country to another in the area of ​​the Natural Park of Cerro Chovoreca, a forest habitat shared by both countries that has suffered three waves of fires in the last month.

The decision has been taken by consensus by the respective national boundaries demarcation commissions and will be carried out by the private machinery of farmers and ranchers in the area, according to the Paraguayan Foreign Ministry in a statement.

Since mid-August, about 100,000 hectares of vegetation have burned in Paraguay, of which 70,000 correspond to the Chovoreca area, in the department of Alto Paraguay, in the north of the country, according to data provided by the World Wildlife Fund ( WWF, which monitors the area.

The Congress of Paraguay approved last week the environmental emergency in that northern department to be able to provide more resources to emergency services.

In Bolivia, to date the fire has already reached 1.8 million hectares in different parts of the country, especially in Chiquitania, an area of ​​transition between the Chaco and the Amazon with natural areas and agricultural use, according to the count of the Foreign Ministry.

5,500 men, 193 vehicles, 40 tanks, 25 ambulances and 19 aircraft are, among others, the troops deployed, with a contribution of about 15 million dollars from the Bolivian Government and another 2.2 of international aid.

The president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, said at the end of August that he had contacted his Bolivian counterpart, Evo Morales, to offer him cooperation in the extinction of fires.

A day later, Morales announced that the deployment in the Supertanker plane area prevented the fire from spreading on the tripartite border that both countries share with Brazil as well.

Changes in the direction of the wind in the area have represented a threat to Paraguay during the last month, where the outbreaks of fire were increasing when the gusts were heading south.

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