Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

Paraguay affirms that forest fires in the Chaco are under control

The forest fires that this week were revived in the Paraguayan Chaco and that also extended to the eastern region are under control, said the head of the National Emergency Secretariat (SEN), Joaquín Roa, on Wednesday.

Since Monday, the fire has expanded in the department of San Pedro, on the border with that of Concepción, to the north, and the Biosphere Reserve of Mbaracajú, on the border with Brazil, Roa said in a press conference offered in Santa Aguaray rose.

The minister installed a SEN Operations Center in this town to coordinate efforts in the fight against the flames, with the help of Brazilian planes and a Chilean tanker that has been operating in the Chaco for two weeks.

To the north of the department of Alto Paraguay, at the border of Bolivia and Brazil, "the fire is not advancing," said Roa, explaining that one of the two active outbreaks "is being serviced and cooled" by farm personnel, of the Armed Forces and forest firefighters.

He advanced that the other line of fire is fought by firefighters from the Chaco cities of Philadelphia and Neuland, located at the dairy pole of the dairy industry, to quell the flames that affect the cattle farms of Campo Grande and Tierra Nueva.

In San Pedro "we still have floodlights but the direction of the wind (south) makes the line of fire have to go back over what has already been burned," said the minister about the situation in this region, where the flames and smoke caused livestock deaths bovine.

In relation to Mbaracaju, Roa said that the foundation that manages this reserve, connected with the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, hired two tankers that discharged more than 120,000 liters of water over a 1.5-kilometer line of fire.

He added that the fire is also being attacked until yesterday with a 4.8-kilometer firewall.

For its part, the Emergency Operations Center of the Presidency reported a reduction of heat sources in recent hours, with a reduction from 7,853 light bulbs reported on Tuesday to 2,094 registered on Wednesday.

The heat sources are located in several departments of the country, although the largest number is concentrated in the departments of Alto Paraguay, Concepción, Amambay and San Pedro.

The authorities show special concern for the area of ​​Alto Paraguay, which corresponds to the Paraguayan Chaco, where heat sources advance from Bolivia and affect the surroundings of Chovoreca Hill, one of the areas most affected by the fires that began in the middle of August.

The president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, informed on Wednesday through his social networks of the first flights of the Brazilian tankers that are carrying out the extinction tasks in the Chaco area.

In addition, he also informed that throughout this day two new planes will arrive to fight fires in Bahía Negra (Alto Paraguay) and the department of San Pedro.

According to data from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the last month about 100,000 hectares have burned as a result of fires in Paraguay, of which 70,000 correspond to the forests of Cerro Chovoreca.

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