May 27, 2020

Paraguay accuses Acnur of making it easier for activists to take refuge in Finland

The Paraguayan government on Wednesday accused the High Commissioner of Nations for Refugees (Acnur) of acting arbitrarily in the case of three Paraguayan activists prosecuted for kidnapping in their country and who last night left Uruguay for Finland.

Juan Arrom, Announcement Martí and Víctor Colmán left Tuesday night for Madrid to head to Finland, from Montevideo, where they arrived in August after losing the status of refugees in Brazil, where they remained for 17 years.

At a press conference in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Minister of Administration and Technical Affairs, Enrique Insfrán, said that "the High Commissioner has overreacted in the exercise of his competence acting arbitrarily, privileging impunity and damaging the reputation of the Organization of the United Nations".

He also lamented "the lack of cooperation of the Uruguayan authorities" and announced that he will present a diplomatic protest before the Government of Finland for his efforts before Acnur.

Arrom, Martí and Colmán, of the disappeared Patriotic Free Party, on the left, are being prosecuted by the Paraguayan Justice for the kidnapping of María Edith Bordón, daughter-in-law of former Minister of Finance Enzo Debenardi, who was released in exchange for money in 2002.

The news of the departure of the three men from Montevideo to Helsinki was a new setback for the Paraguayan State, which despite having been acquitted by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) of the alleged allegations of torture to Arrom and Martí still He has not managed to step on Paraguayan soil to face the country's justice.

Given these facts, Paraguay condemned the granting of refugee status in Uruguay and the "facilities granted" to allow their trip to Finland.

The condemnation of Paraguay also extends to the Government of Finland, for the "treatment granted (…) to the aforementioned fugitives from justice" and for the efforts made by the country before UNHCR.

In addition, Paraguay indicated to Interpol as responsible for facilitating the mobility of the three activists by having lifted the red code that weighed on them, despite the fact that the Paraguayan authorities maintained that they had repeatedly insisted that it be reapplied.

For the South American country, Interpol's performance "does not fit the logic or the reason" and generates "the credibility of the agency."

Paraguay has already begun to take actions to try to find out the reasons that led Uruguay, Finland and UNHCR to allow the three men to legally leave.

From the outset, the Paraguayan authorities today summoned the Uruguayan ambassador to Paraguay, Federico Perazza, to explain his country's decision, which, according to the ambassador, responded to judicial questions.

Likewise, the Ambassador of Paraguay to Uruguay, Rogelio Raimundo Benítez Vargas, was also consulted to protest the measures of the Uruguayan Government.

Similarly, the South American country presented a diplomatic protest to the Government of Finland, "without prejudice to managing extradition (…) and eventually the revocation of refugee status that could have been granted."

Another complaint will be addressed to Acnur, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, and the UN Office against drugs and crime, as well as to all relevant high international bodies.

Finally, Paraguay will present its protest to different bodies of the European Union for the facilities granted by Finland to Arrom, Colmán and Martí.

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