Paradores will close this year in figures similar to 2017 despite works in some

Paradores will close this year in figures similar to 2017 despite works in some

The Paradores network will close this year with a turnover of approximately 257 million euros and a net profit of more than 14 million, figures similar to those of 2017, despite the closure of several establishments for works, the Secretary of State said today. of Tourism, Isabel Oliver.

In his appearance before the Committee on Industry, Commerce and Tourism, at his own request and several parliamentary groups (C's, Podemos and PP), he has advanced that the gross operating result, ebitda, of the public hotel company will exceed 35 million euros. euros

According to Oliver, these data reflect the good health of Paradores, taking into account, in addition, that they are achieved despite the fact that the first half of 2018 performed worse than budgeted and that there are several paradores closed for works that were open during 2017, as, for example, the one in León, which had a turnover of 9 million euros last year.

Despite these closures, Paradores will be in business figures similar to those of last year with fewer stores open, thanks to the fact that the second half of the year has performed much better than the first since the volume of sales has been maintained and it has increased the average income.

Oliver has detailed that the public chain has several goals, among them, to relaunch its brand, reinforcing its visibility and making it more present in attracting foreign and domestic customers.

It also aims to streamline the work and pending reforms and relaunch the cuisine of Paradores, returning to its original meaning that is to be able to consume the best local product in its restaurants, he added.

The objective is also to return the workers part of the effort made with the Employment Regulation File (ERE), through a new collective agreement that includes an 8% salary increase for 2018-2020 and the promotion of training.

Oliver has anticipated that the next advisory board of the public hotel network will take an investment plan next December 19, which will consist of updating many establishments that need it, and giving a boost to the four paradores that are in the construction phase.

These are Muxía, in La Coruña (announced in 2003 and signed in 2011), which is expected to be completed in 2019, the same year as Veruela, in Zaragoza (announced in 2005 and started in 2008).

The parador of Morella, in Castellón (announced in 2003 and signed in 2009) has suffered a lot of setbacks and the necessary procedures are followed by law, as in the case of Ibiza (announced in 2004 and started in 2009), due to the appearance of archaeological remains.

Regarding the evolution of Spanish tourism, Oliver explained that "we lived a moment of change, so far we have based our tourism success solely on the number of visitors we received, which is a mistake. Do not be obsessed with breaking records, Quality is more important than quantity. "

In his opinion, the world that saw Spain grow as the favorite vacation spot for Europeans is no longer the same, the changes in our environment, the dynamics of the sector and the behavior of travelers are "profound, very fast and often unpredictable. "

These changes require changes in policies and now, "at a time of tourism prosperity when we can and must rethink the Spanish tourism model not only to generate wealth, but to turn tourism into a tool that contributes to a more prosperous society, equal and inclusive, "he stressed.


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