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Paradise | Television | THE COUNTRY

If, as is commonly said, "history is written by the victors", in the case of the series With her, everything began (Amazon), the original story is written by Therese Anne Fowler, the biographer of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, wife of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, who is not exactly a victor but rather the companion of his irresistible ascension and subsequent personal, emotional and mental breakdown . Few stories like that of the Fitzgeralds can better describe the absolute success and failure: from being the great protagonists of the crazed twenties New Yorkers to alcoholism and schizophrenia. Francis defining himself as "a writer of Hollywood" in his final stage, making good the judgment of his editor Max Perkins: "Hollywood is for those who can not write," and Zelda interned nine times at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The series, interpreted masterfully by Christina Ricci, describes the first years of the couple. She, who is the real protagonist, travels the sidereal distance from a southern city to the center of the world, Manhattan. He writes and rewrites his first novel that he will be able to edit at 24 years of age. A masterpiece: On this side of paradise, a novel that will encumber him and that, paradoxically, will be the beginning of a long ending despite the fact that he later published novels as exciting as The Great Gatsby, Soft is the night, Beautiful and Damned or The last tycoonin addition to his personal settling with Hollywood in The stories of Pat Hobby.

The series, a great bet of the platform, is taken care of magnificently in all its details, decoration, costumes, locations, cast … a luxury for honor and glory of a lady who shocked the elites of the Big Apple in times of jazz and the gin and whose way of understanding the world is described in one of his phrases: "And now, take a good bath: we can not go to the parties today if you still smell like yesterday." A great story of love and despair that ends just before the great collapse.


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