Paola is speechless when she sees her date on 'First dates': "I know him!"

Even if 'First dates' often arrange blind dates, on some occasion he has also brought together people who know each other in his restaurant. By the whim of fate, this is what happened in the delivery that was issued this Tuesday. Paola Y Peter, two of the protagonists of the night, confessed that it was not the first time they saw each other.

While Paola waited at the bar counter, he saw Pedro walk through the door and his face was familiar. "I know it!"exclaimed the young woman to Matías Roure, surprised by the coincidence that she was witnessing.

"What is it?" He asked Carlos Sobera when realizing that something was happening: "Do you know him?" After she answered in the affirmative, her quote also didn't take long to recognize her: "I know her too, from there Benalmádena".

"We are both from Benalmádena"Paola confirmed as she greeted her date with two kisses. Both made it clear that they had not been together, but did not want to give too many details. "We know each other by sight," the malagueña just said. "We have people in common"said Pedro, who in a total to camera said that "we have never had anything to open the ban."

After the evening, when making the final decision, Pedro confessed that he had changed his opinion about Paola: "I saw you as an edge, but I had a good time and I laughed". She, on the other hand, did not want to have a second romantic date. "In plan, friends, I would have a coffee or go to the gym with you, but for something else, no. I see you as a very good kid, but I don't see that feeling," he argued.


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